Series masterpiece Euphoria gets a German offshoot

Series masterpiece Euphoria gets a German offshoot

Dark teen drama Euphoria, starring Spider-Man star Zendaya, is one of the best series of recent years. And while fans are still waiting for Season 3, there is now a completely surprising message. A German spin-off will soon be produced. With German teenagers in a dilemma between school, drugs, friendship, love and mental health.

German Euphoria is copied from a copy

Variety reports. Accordingly, the German production company Zeitsprung Pictures, known for Lieber Thomas, concluded a deal with the distributor ADD Content. He holds the rights to the format of the US series and its template.

In fact, Sam Levinson’s masterpiece is based on the Israeli original Euphoria. The makers are already completely convinced of the German offshoot. Zeitsprung boss Michael Souvignier explains: “We believe that typical Gen Z themes such as identity, mental illness, addiction and sexuality need to be told in a specifically regional way. With German teenagers, in this case.

It is not yet clear who will play in the German version. According to the report, the authors Jonas Lindt (print) and Paulina Lorenz (Futur Drei) are already committed. To what extent the story is based on the two models remains to be seen.

When does the German Euphoria start?

The project is still in its infancy. It will be a long time before scripts are written, cast members are engaged and scenes are shot. We calculate mid 2024 not with a start.

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