Serbia took action! The aircraft observing the barracks was detected…

The world is talking about Polands move Response from the

In the news in Serbian Radio and Television (RTRS), it was stated that the aircraft of unknown origin was detected in the Serbian airspace, and that President Aleksandar Vucic gave the order for the MiG 29 type defense aircraft to take off.

It was reported that Vucic ordered the destruction of the aircraft, which is thought to be observing the military barracks near the Kosovo border, and that the aircraft in question left Serbian airspace shortly after it was sighted.

Meanwhile, Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said that Vucic had ordered the army to “be ready” due to possible tensions with Kosovo.



At the end of July, the government of Kosovo, in line with the principle of reciprocity to Serbia, “issuing temporary declaration forms to those entering/exiting Kosovo with Serbian identity cards” and “converting license plates issued by Serbian authorities to Serbs in Kosovo to ‘RKS’ (Republic of Kosovo) plates” announced that the relevant decisions would enter into force.

The Serbs in Kosovo, reacting to this, closed the border crossings in the north of the country and the tension in the country increased. The Kosovo government decided to postpone the implementation, which caused the crisis, until 1 September, provided that all the barricades placed on the roads leading to the border gates with Serbia are removed.

Lastly, the Kosovo side announced that the re-registration process of license plates, which they described as “illegal”, was postponed to April 2023, that the owners of these vehicles would be warned first, then fined, and finally, test plates would be placed.

While the warning measure to vehicle owners will be implemented as of today, Kosovo Serbs reiterated that they will not accept the license plate application. (AA)