SEK 210,000 discount on the new electric car

SEK 210000 discount on the new electric car

Since Fisker launched its first car Ocean, the model has been almost continuously pulled with serious problems.

Deliveries were severely delayed, and when the cars were delivered they had a lot of errors and bugs. Fisker Ocean has also been investigated for various security flaws in the US.

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Tough situation for Fisker

Recently, the situation worsened sharply, when the company’s stock was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, and in the same vein it began offering discounts of up to 40 percent in the United States.

The point of this is to empty your inventory of unsold cars. During the last year, just over 10,000 Fisker Ocean units were manufactured, but only managed to deliver just under 5,000 of these to customers.

There are also rumors that a bankruptcy is imminent, and if that is the case, it hardly hurts to get some stock cars sold in the near future.

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SEK 210,000 discount on the electric car

Now they offer almost as large price reductions in Sweden.

On Fisker’s website you can now get your hands on the top model Fisker Ocean Extreme from SEK 499,000. The model normally costs from SEK 709,000, and the discount is therefore SEK 210,000 or around 30 percent.

The offer applies to around 30 cars of model year 2023 that Fisker has in stock.

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Brings certain risks

Buying a Fisker on sale carries certain risks due to the company’s tricky financial situation. This can be seen not least in a disclaimer that they have added to their website.

They say, among other things, that there is a risk that the customer will receive “limited support and limited services for the vehicles”.

It also states that as a customer you must expect that the company cannot help the customer with the new car warranty in the event of bankruptcy.

“By entering into an agreement for the purchase of a vehicle after April 5, 2024, the purchaser of a Fisker Ocean declares that he has been informed of this and still wishes to purchase a Fisker Ocean in consideration of the risk described,” it reads.

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