See when the tractor train takes over Växjö – demonstrating against EU laws

In Växjö, a demonstration train was held where farmers drove their tractors along Mörnes väg. They protested against new EU laws, among other things The Nature Restoration Act which was recently hammered through.

The new law sets requirements to restore 30 percent of the member countries’ affected natural environments until 2030. The aim is to benefit biological diversity and recreate environments that limit climate change. This means that farmers must restore pastures to wetlands and meadows.

– We feel overrun. They adopt new laws down in Brussels, in the EU Commission and they don’t even talk to us farmers and our interest organisations, says protester Patrik Fernlund.

“Imports will increase”

The farmers also emphasize that their protests are not only directed at the politicians, but also aim to attract attention from consumers, despite the fact that consumers choose Swedish goods to a greater extent even when prices have increased.

– There is a lot that will hit our food production hard. There are many who believe that imports will increase and we do not want to eat that food. We want to eat Swedish-produced food that is good, says Patrik Fernlund.

Protests in Europe

In 2024, strong protests from farmers have flared up in several European countries. These protests have often escalated into violence, fires and vandalism. In Sweden, there have not been similar protests due to the good relationship between Swedish agriculture and the government, according to the Swedish Farmers’ Union.

Tractor demonstrations took place in Skåne in February and on Saturday in Växjö and Kristianstad.

– We have a more cautious view of demonstrations because they are radical, but they are also heard, says protester Peter Petersson.