Sebastian Samuelsson and Hanna Öberg get the chance to save Sweden – after the fiasco at the Biathlon World Cup: “Good medal situation”

It won bronze in the mixed relay at the Biathlon World Cup. Now the veterans Sebastian Samuelsson and Hanna Öberg are charging to also win a medal in the single mixed relay.
– It’s a very fun competition and we have a very good medal chance, says Samuelsson.

So far in the WC in Nove Mesto, Sweden has only one medal, a bronze in the mixed relay from the first day.

Sebbe & Hanna

In the single mixed relay on Thursday evening, they are hoping for a second.
– It will require good shooting, I think it will be a very tight competition, there are many who can do it well. We are clearly a team that is determined to do something very well, says Sebastian Samuelsson.

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He and Hanna Öberg has run every single mixed WC race since 2019, with two third places and two fourth places as a result.

Luke’s decision

They also won the season’s only mixed singles in the World Cup, in Östersund in the premiere.

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231125 Hanna Öberg and Sebastian Samuelsson of Sweden celebrate after winning the single mixed relay during the IBU World Cup on November 25, 2023 in Östersund. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0693

Considering the results during the WC, it was also a given name, says the national team coach John Luke.
– Sebastian runs a stable race today (seventh in the distance) and can enter the race on a stable prone shot, which is very important, he says.
– Hanna has an upward trend and if it is decided in the last stand, she can shoot very quickly.

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Lukas says that Sweden’s chance of a medal is very good, but that it is difficult to predict the outcome.
– We know from recent years that anything is possible, it will swing back and forth. The course is quite simple so it may be decided on the embankment. For example, Germany has saved (Justus) Strelow for mixed singles and many small nations are betting everything they have, so it will be a very tough but fun competition, says Lukas.

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