Season 3 – Everything about the roadmap, launch and content

Activision has unveiled Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with a new trailer and roadmap. We’ll show you when the season starts and what new content awaits you.

After five months in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Activision has announced the release date for the upcoming third season for the shooter – which starts in a few days.

In keeping with this, the developers recently presented a new trailer and a roadmap. We summarize all the important information for you here.

CoD: MW3 Season 3 Start – When is the release?

When does Season 3 start? The third season of CoD MW3 starts on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. The update should then probably be available at 6:00 p.m. German time.

The second season of the shooter starts almost exactly two months after the release of Season 2.

If you want to get a foretaste of the season, you can see the trailer for CoD: MW3 Season 3 here:

CoD MW3: Season 3 Multiplayer Trailer

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CoD: MW3 Season 3 Roadmap – Maps, Zombies, Battle Pass

What does the CoD: MW3 Season 3 roadmap show? With Season 3, MW3 will receive a number of new maps for multiplayer mode, a new story mission for MWZ and four new weapons. But there is also a lot of other content planned, some of which will only appear later in the season.

Before we go into more detail about the new content, you can see an overview of the Season 3 roadmap here:

The roadmap for Season 3 in CoD: MW3

CoD MW3 Season 3 – Three brand new maps, three “recycled” maps

What new maps does Season 3 bring? Season 3 of CoD MW3 brings 6 more maps to multiplayer mode. Three of these maps are new, two maps come from Rebirth Island (Checkpoint) and Vondel (Tanked) and another map (Growhouse) is remastered:

  • 6 Star: 6v6
  • new, for launch, medium size
  • Emergency: 6v6
  • Growhouse: 6v6
  • remastered from CoD: Vanguard, at launch, small
  • Tanked: 6v6
  • from Vondel, for launch, medium size
  • Checkpoint: 6v6
  • from Rebirth Island, midseason, small
  • Grime: 6v6
  • new, midseason, small to medium size
  • Over the course of the season there will also be five special map variants of the maps Airborne, Satan’s Quarry, Skidgrow, Sporeyard, and Tetanus, which will be playable for a limited time as part of events.

    CoD MW3 Season 3 Zombies – New content for MWZ

    What new content is there for MWZ? The zombie mode of CoD: MW3 also receives some new content in Season 3, including a new story mission:

  • The “Dark Aether” story continues: You launch a massive rescue operation after the Doctor invades a new and frightening region.
  • Enter the “Third Rift”: You encounter a new, evil disciple variant, give Ravenov fire support and find Dr. Jansen before she is swallowed up by the darkness.
  • New Challenges and Schematics: Unlock prestige levels to receive Zombie Challenges and collect three new Schematics that will help you camouflage among the mercenaries, wire explosive weapons and survive the gas.
  • Warlord Rainmaker: A heavily armored psychopath holed up on the island of Rahaa, raining down artillery fire. While his camp is easy to reach, entering the island presents a greater challenge.
  • CoD MW3 Season 3 Battle Pass

    What does the Season 3 Battle Pass include? The Season 3 Battle Pass brings you 110 pieces of unlockable content. By purchasing the pass you will immediately receive a Vladimir Makarov skin and a Snoop Dogg skin. The content includes:

  • three new weapons
  • two new operators (Banshee and Hush)
  • two new skins for Makarov
  • Skins for Snoop Dogg, Swagger, Ripper, Doc, Riptide, Banshee, Corso, Byline and Hush
  • You can get a first glimpse of the content in the Battle Pass here:

    The Season 3 Battle Pass in CoD: MW3

    Season 3 brings new modes, weapons and components

    New modes in Season 3 of CoD MW3

    What new modes does Season 3 bring? With Season 3, four new modes will be added to the shooter, two of which will come at the beginning and two with the mid-season update:

  • Capture the Flag (coming at the start of the season): An objective game mode in which two teams compete against each other, with elimination being only part of the plan: the actual tactic is to steal the opponent’s flag and bring it back to their home base , while simultaneously defending the same base and your own flag from the enemy. Offensive and defensive skills are required at the same time to win the game.
  • One in the Chamber (coming at the start of the season): In this free-for-all mode, each player receives a single bullet at the start and an additional bullet for each kill they achieve. At the start everyone has three lives. Enemies killed in one hit lose a life, while the successful shooter gains another bullet. Melee attacks are also an option.
  • Minefield (Midseason): Different multiplayer modes, but with mines. Minefield has the same rules as the mode in question, but with the addition: If you defeat an enemy player, their corpse drops a proximity mine. This mine cannot be picked up and is deadly for the opposing team.
  • Escort (Midseason): Two teams – both with unlimited respawns – play against each other on different maps, with one side protecting a vehicle to help it reach its destination. The other team’s goal is to disable the vehicle by any means necessary.
  • CoD MW3 Season 3: new weapons and aftermarket components

    What new weapons does CoD MW3 Season 3 bring? There will be a total of four new weapons released with Season 3, including a melee weapon. You can unlock three of them at the start, one will come into play in midseason.

  • FJX Horus (Submachine Gun) – Coming at the start of the season, available through the Battle Pass Sector 8
  • MORS (Sniper Rifle) – Coming at the start of the season, available through the Battle Pass Sector 4
  • Gladiator (Melee Weapon) – Coming at the start of the season, available through the Battle Pass Sector 15
  • BAL-27 (Assault Rifle) – Coming later in the season
  • There will also be eight new aftermarket components, many of which can be unlocked through weekly challenges. The components allow unusual modifications for various weapons:

  • JAK Cutthroat (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: MCW (MW3), MTZ (MW3), M4 (MW2), AMR9 (MW3)
  • The stock offers an unmatched combination of speed and stability when aiming.
  • JAK Revenger Kit (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: BP50 (MW3)
  • The conversion kit transforms the BP50 into a close combat legend including a high-capacity magazine.
  • JAK Jawbreaker (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: KV Broadside (MW2)
  • Transforms the shotgun into a tough automatic battle rifle.
  • JAK Shadow Titan Kit (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: Bruen Mk9 (MW3)
  • Transforms the LMG into a compact and lightweight support weapon.
  • JAK Patriot (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: M16 (MW2)
  • Transforms the assault rifle into a fully automatic rifle with a heavy ported barrel that provides excellent recoil control and aim stability when shooting.
  • Wardens (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: Lockwood Mk2 (MW2)
  • A conversion for lever-action Akimbo shotguns.
  • JAK Atlas Kit (Weekly Challenge)
  • Compatibility: AMR9 (MW3)
  • Converts the submachine gun into an extremely deadly and accurate 5-shot burst carbine.
  • Photonic Charge Barrel (unlocked yet)
  • MORS (MW3)
  • When the trigger is held down, the rifle charges and fires a single high-powered energy projectile.
  • CoD Warzone – The Return of Rebirth Island

    With the launch of Season 3, the map Rebirth Island will return to CoD Warzone with 11 important points of interest and will be included in Resurgence mode and Ranked mode.

    On top of that, there will be new modes and gameplay features in Warzone as well as a new Champions Quest on Rebirth Island – and many more secrets to discover.

    There will be “Infil-Strikes” in Warzone, in which the water tower, the lighthouse and even the roof of the prison will be destroyed when you start the action.

    If you still want to grind in the last days of Season 2, we have a strong loadout for the BP50 for you on MeinMMO – including an alternative build: CoD MW3: Meta loadout for the BP50 – setup with attachments