Seasiders, the EU puts its foot down: ensure competition

Seasiders the EU puts its foot down ensure competition

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – The EU is stepping down against the law that extends beach concessions by one more year, strongly supported by Forza Italia and reintroduced with an amendment to the Milleproroghe decree in the last few hours. A a rule on which Brussels does not yet intend to negotiate because it is considered anti-competitive.

“We take the opportunity to reiterate that EU law requires that the national rules ensure the equal treatment of operators” in the service sector – says a spokesman for the EU – “promote innovation and competition loyal” and “protect against monopoly risk of public resources”.

The clarification comes after the go-ahead from the Senate’s Budget and Constitutional Affairs commission the one-year extension of the tenders for beach concessions, until now regulated on the basis of the principle of direct assignment and called into question by the Bolkestein directive. A rule that also led to the opening of one infringement procedure towards our country.

The coveted composition of interests between the legitimate demands of Brussels and the equally legitimate interests of a productive category translates into one technical formulation which shows all the contradictions within the heterogeneous centre-right majority. And if on the one hand there is an attempt to emphasize the extension of the monitoring of concessions, on the other the fact remains that the Milleproroghe decree votes for a one-year extension to beach concessions with respect to the terms established by the Competition bill.

Among and other novelties of the Milleproroghe the definitive green light to extension of smart working to 30 June for fragile workers and for parents with children under 14. On the health front, a rule is introduced which allows general practitioners and pediatricians free choice, affiliated with the NHS, to retire at 72 and not at 70 and the extension of electronic identity card for a year, with the commitment that the measure becomes structural.