Searching for ‘king’ or ‘queen’ to run a pub on a deserted island in England

Searching for king or queen to run a pub on

Searching for the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ who will run the 300-year-old The Ship Inn pub on the uninhabited Piel Island off the coast of Cumbria in the northwest of England.

The local government of Barrow-in-Furness, to which the island is affiliated, announced that it is seeking a new person to take over the management of the pub.

Spanning just 20 hectares, the island has a 14th-century castle, campground and The Ship Inn pub.

The person or persons who will manage the pub and the island will be able to take over the management with a 10-year lease agreement as of April 2022.

This search began after the former rulers left the island.

According to tradition, each new owner of the pub is called the ‘Piel King’; At the coronation ceremony, the new king is placed on an old throne, and alcohol is poured over the king’s head while he has a new helmet and sword in hand.

Ann Thomson, head of the Barrow local administration, emphasized that Piel Island is special and emphasized that the successful candidate will be responsible for all areas of the island.

The island can be reached by a short cruise between April and September.

While the island has times when it is swarming with tourists, the new king or queen will also have to deal with loneliness during periods when the island is uninhabited.