Sealing, equipment: innovations that simplify plumbing work

Sealing equipment innovations that simplify plumbing work

After heating, it is the turn of the plumbing sector to present the innovations of the moment. Sealing of supply networks, mixing valves … manufacturers are offering products that are always easier and faster to use.

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In plumbing,sealing screw connections is a crucial point. This can be ensured by the implementation of a Teflon tape or dough and tow, a proven and most effective solution that requires a bit of a knack. To ensure optimum sealing in two steps three movements, Griffon designed the sealing tape Kolmat fiber seal. Intended for cylindrical and conical threaded fittings, it consists of an impregnated and fiber-reinforced strip. Compatible with water and gas it applies to the copper, the brass, the’steel… For optimum sealing, all you have to do is wind the strip on the thread according to a precise number of turns, indicated on the packaging.

Unlike the other processes, this solution makes it possible to adjust the elements to one another at 180 ° without any damage to the tightness. Very simple to use, this sealing strip can withstand a pressure water of 16 bars at 95 ° C or 7 bars at 130 ° C. Finally, it benefits from ACS label which certifies the sanitary compliance of a product that may come into contact withpotable water.

A witness to check the press fittings

Sealing always with new press fittings. If the process is not new, it has become widely democratized with the use of PER or multilayer pipes. In fact, copper manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to complete their range of fittings. To check in the blink of an eyeeye the correct crimping of elbows, gendarme caps, sleeves, Somatherm offers the range of copper fittings Somatherm For You. The latter are fitted with a witness present in the form of a blue film affixed to the beads of the fittings. After crimping, this indicator comes off. Simple and efficient.

Accessible to DIY enthusiasts in DIY superstores, this solution replaces the use of welded fittings. Available in 12 to 16 mm diameter, these fittings are also economical. Compatible with gas, heating and water.

A built-in mixer that is installed after the installation of the plasterboards

By concealing the mechanism and the pipe, the recessed tap brings an undeniable aesthetic cachet to a shower space. Space saving solution, the installation of a concealed mixer requires an average reservation of 80 mm. With a thickness of 48 mm, the model Rolf Inside from Ayor is one of the thinnest models on the market. Its design allows the mixer body to be installed in the thickness of a hollow partition from the front. Like a switch or a socket, the latter is held in place using a support plate equipped with clamping tabs. A solution which, in the event of a leak, makes it possible to intervene quickly without having to break the wall tile. Finally, this mixer is compatible with tiles 5 to 10 mm thick.

Installing a concealed mixer after mounting a partition on a metal frame is a first. An innovation made in France which saves time during installation and which preserves the facing in the event of a problem.

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