SD member sang far-right slogans at a polling station

Gigi D’agostino’s Eurodisco hit “L’amour toujours” from 1999 has spread in far-right circles in the past year. Not least in Germany, where chants with slogans such as “Deutschland den deutschen” and “Ausländer raus” (“Germany for the Germans” and “Foreigners out”) are chanted to the well-known melody.

“Oh shit”

Last night, the song was played on SD’s EU election watch at the same time as Expressen did an interview with party leader Richard Jomshof.

Suddenly, member of parliament David Lång jumps in and sings the German text.

– Ausländer raus! Foreigners generous!

Lång then sees Expressen’s reporter:

– Oh shit, are you recording this?

According to Expressen, Lång must have then tangibly tried to take the recording equipment from the newspaper’s reporter.

Lång was also, according to Expressen, urged by Richard Jomshof to leave.

“Let’s talk later”

Martin Kinnunen, Member of Parliament and member of SD’s party board, received questions about the clip when he visited SVT’s The morning studio on Monday morning.

– I did not note this myself during the vigil. It sounds like it is a case of rather poor judgement, but it is of course something we will have to discuss with this Member in the future.

When asked if there might be a reason for Lång to leave, Kinnunen replied:

– I see no reason at all to speculate in that way. The group leadership in the Riksdag will certainly contact this member and hear why it went this way and so on.

SVT Nyheter is looking for David Lång.