Scotland – France: the Blues reassure themselves in the pain at Murrayfield! The match summary

Scotland – France the Blues reassure themselves in the pain

At the end of a completely crazy match, France beat Scotland to the wire (20-16) and returned to victory in this 6 Nations tournament.

5:30 p.m. – Match summary

France reassures itself not without difficulty in Scotland (20-16). The first moments of the meeting are more of a territorial battle but on the first real offensive of the Scots, they manage to play a nasty trick on the French defense. Ben White concludes a beautiful movement of the XV du Chardon and reinforces French doubts (8th). Two penalties later, Scotland took a ten-point lead but the French woke up shortly before the break. Gaël Fickou is pushed aside and goes to flatten and give hope to his people (31st). After this try, the Scots insisted on scoring a second try and regaining a comfortable lead. France makes a mistake and Atonio receives a yellow card (37th). Despite everything, the players of Fabien Galthié return to the locker room with only three points behind. The start of the second period is not more exciting for the French who will, in addition, lose their captain Grégory Alldritt victim of a large gash on the knee (50th). With a flash of genius from Louis Bielle-Biarrey transformed by Ramos, the Blues managed to get ahead for the first time 10 minutes from time (70th). A few moments later, Thomas Ramos took three more points and protected his team from a penalty. And that will be important because the last minutes will be unbearable. On the final action, the French defense gave everything and on the French goal line the referee had a doubt and asked for the video to intervene. The ball seems flattened on the line but no image can really deter Nic Berry and his initial decision will remain unchanged. Fortunately for France, which won painfully in Scotland before facing Italy on February 25.

17:20 – The ranking

After this Scotland – France, the Blues moved up to fourth place in this 6 Nations tournament but it is before the other matches of the second day. England and Wales face off at 5:45 p.m. before Ireland v Italy this Sunday.

17:15 – The first words of the captain of the Blues

Grégory Alldritt gave his first impressions after the victory of the Blues in this Scotland – France: “We must remain very humble because it is a victory but we will remember this one. I am very happy for several reasons and in particular for players who were criticized and who responded.”

17:12 – THE FRENCH WIN!!!

Nic Berry remains on his decision on the field and does not grant a try to the Scots in this last second of this Scotland – France. The Blues win at Murrayfield.

17:11 – This is unbearable! (83′)

The image does not seem very clear and the decision is slow to come in this Scotland – France.

17:08 – What suspense! (81′)

The referee asks for the video to intervene because he can no longer see the ball. If the Scots score they win the game. On the first images, it seems that the Scots have flattened on the line.

17:07 – Le Garrec loses the ball! Scotland can win (80′)

France will suffer until the end! Scotland recovers the ball and has a match point in this meeting with a crazy outcome.

17:05 – What a comeback from Jalibert! (79′)

What a huge thrill for the Blues in this Scotland – France! Rowe loses company after confusing hooks but Jalibert tackles him at the last moment. The Scottish number 14 then lets the ball escape. Scrum French introduction to follow.

17:03 – The Blues safe from a converted penalty (77′)

Ramos transforms the penalty and adds three additional points in this Scotland – France and now leads by 4 points.

17:02 – Ramos’ kick is too long (76′)

The French striker tries to find Louis Bielle-Biarrey in the corridor but the UBB winger cannot receive. The Blues had an advantage and will be able to add three points.

17:01 – The Marseillaise sounds (75′)

Not even ten minutes ago, the Flowers of Scotland was being sung in the stands at Murrayfield. The songs have now changed sides in this Scotland – France.

16:59 – The kicking games continue (74′)

Le Garrec and Russell exchange pleasantries at the foot and that plays into the hands of the Blues in this Scotland – France.


It took a flash of genius to overthrow this Scotland – France and it was Louis Bielle-Biarrey who achieved it. He bypasses the opposing defense with a kick for himself and flattens. Ramos transforms and the Blues go in front for the first time in the match 10 minutes from time.

16:53 – The Flowers of Scotland resonates (67′)

The Scottish national anthem rings out a cappella in the aisles of Murrayfield. Scottish supporters are making noise to support their team until the end in this Scotland – France.

16:51 – A quarter of an hour left (65′)

Time is running out in this Scotland – France and the Blues are still trailing by six points and seem almost incapable of moving the opposing defense.

16:49 – Russell attempts the drop (63′)

The Scottish striker wants to add three additional points in this Scotland – France but it goes largely to the right.

16:48 – France in the tough (62′)

The Blues do not have many offensive solutions in this Scotland – France and regularly lengthen the game.

16:43 – Russell adds three points (58′)

The Scots are more cautious in this second period of this Scotland – France and prefer to take the three points on a penalty.

16:41 – A big cut for Alldritt (56′)

According to information provided by France 2, more fear than harm for the captain of the Blues who was taken out on a stretcher in this Scotland – France. It would be a cut and not a muscle injury.

16:39 – A new awkwardness (53′)

Jonathan Danty commits a forward and that interrupts a good French moment in this Scotland – France.

16:34 – Lucu gives up his place (50′)

In addition to the forced exit of Alldritt due to injury, Maxime Lucu gives way to Nolann Le Garrec.

16:33 – Alldritt needs to come out! (50′)

This Scotland – France is turning a bit into a disaster. In addition to the great Scottish domination, Greg Alldritt will have to give up his place and is replaced by Paul Boudehent.

16:32 – Concern for Alldritt (50′)

After his beautiful defensive gesture, Grégory Alldritt remains on the ground and the trainers return to the pitch. Big concern.

16:31 – Alldritt scratches the ball (50′)

The French captain recovers a penalty after scratching the ball in this Scotland – France.

16:28 – Change for France (49′)

The Blues coach is rotating in this Scotland – France with the entries of Tuilagi and Roumat in place of Mauvaka and Woki.