Scientists announced! Even a single meal steals a lifetime from your life.

Scientists announced Even a single meal steals a lifetime from

Nutritional habits play an important role in human life. Every unhealthy food we take into our body can bring diseases. Researchers at the University of Michigan in the USA have started to apply a measurement method that measures the carbon footprint of 6,000 foods and calculates the nutrient impact.

With the method called Health Nutrition Index; effects of food and snacks can be calculated. After calculating the health load of one gram of the food, the result is based on the standard portion size.


If you think that sweetened acidic foods are only high in calories, you are wrong. Coke, which is one of the acidic foods, steals 12.5 minutes from your life. Instead, you can choose home-squeezed fresh fruit juices.

hot dog

with hot dogs

One of the popular tastes, hot dog shortens human lifespan by 36 minutes. An average of 0.45 minutes is lost per gram of processed meat. 61 grams of processed meat in a hotdog causes 27 healthy minutes to be lost.



If you’re one of those people who say they don’t have time to eat out today, you probably consume fast food. Hamburger, which is one of the most preferred fast food foods, shortens by 10 minutes, while fruits lengthen it in the same time.



1 serving of nuts extends life by 26 minutes. At the same time, according to the statements of scientists, peanut butter jam sandwiches increase the lifespan by 30 minutes.