Sci-fi sequel we’ve been waiting for 14 years is set to be visually groundbreaking

Sci fi sequel weve been waiting for 14 years is set

It’s been 14 years since the last Tron film. A third film in the sci-fi series, which has consisted of Tron and Tron Legacy since the 80s, has now been announced for 2025 after years in production hell. In addition to superstar Jared Leto, Shameless and Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan also stars in Tron 3. Now the actor has raved about the shoot and technical superlatives thrown around.

Sci-fi sequel Tron 3 is set to change the world of film

In the Collider interview at the Calgary Expo, Monaghan talked about his personal connection to the Tron franchise that he already had before he was cast in the new part. He saw the first part as a child on a plane while attending the premiere of Tron Legacy as a 16-year-old.

He then saw the second part in the cinema again last year, where the sci-fi blockbuster was still technically impressive and even overwhelming for him:

I like that there are several years between these films. They don’t appear very often and every time they do they show a new era of technology and filmmaking.

Check out the trailer for the first Tron here:

Tron – Trailer (English)

He is currently part of Tron 3 on the set and, according to Monaghan, the production seems to guarantee that the sci-fi sequel will once again set new technical standards:

In a very similar way, I think this film will really push what’s possible from a visual perspective. Sometimes I’m because of this set even stopped by on days when I wasn’t working, because it is so amazing. A lot of the hand-built sets were pretty phenomenal and I’d love to see those too. When is Tron 3 coming to theaters?

The sci-fi blockbuster will be shown on the big screen in the USA from October 10, 2025. There is no date for the German cinema release yet and little information is known about the story. A Tron 3 set video has already revealed that This time no people will travel into the virtual world. Instead, a virtual figure should come into reality.

You can stream the first two Tron films on Disney+ with a subscription*.

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