Sci-fi milestone with revolutionary action, whose 4th sequel has just been announced

Sci fi milestone with revolutionary action whose 4th sequel has just

You now have the choice: either you take the blue pill and your life continues as before, or you take the red pill and treat yourself to it revolutionary Matrix trilogy on Amazon Prime. It was briefly available on the streaming service at the end of last year and is available on April 7, 2024 online again.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as Warner Bros. is taking part this week Matrix 5 Another sequel to the sci-fi series has been announced. It remains to be seen how this will work after the franchise deconstruction of Matrix Resurrections and without the pioneering Wachowski sisters.

The Matrix Trilogy on Amazon Prime: Follow the White Rabbit

At the beginning of the first film, hacker Thomas Anderson aka Neo (Keanu Reeves) wonders what the mysterious Matrix is ​​all about. The concept is rumored to be circulating online, but no one really seems to know what it is. When he is contacted in a club by the initiated Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), who brings him closer to the answers to his questions, he suddenly finds himself in the sights of Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) and his colleagues.

Warner Bros.

However, the Matrix’s henchmen cannot prevent the meeting between Neo and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). The leader of Trinity’s mysterious group believes he has found the prophesied chosen one in the newest contender… and presents Neo with a choice that will change his reality forever.

What follows is tough sci-fi action, for which a completely new special effects technique had to be invented. This bullet time effect has been copied and parodied so many times in the years since that we still haven’t finished counting the examples.

Cyberpunk saga with a whole rainbow of levels of interpretation

The Matrix films were heavily inspired by Japanese anime like Ghost in the Shell or Akira and have been interpreted from many angles over the years. In addition to existentialist questions regarding reality and consciousness as well as the obvious religious parallels, filmmaker Lilly Wachowski confirmed a further level of interpretation years later.

This relates very personally to her and her sister Lana, because both Wachowskis are trans and were not outed at the time of Matrix production. In a video from Netflix: Behind the Streams three years ago, Lilly explained:

I’m glad that people are thinking about Matrix as Films with trans narratives speak and love how much these films mean to trans people […], because when you talk about transformation, especially in the world of science fiction, it’s about imagination, worldbuilding and the idea of ​​the seemingly impossible becoming possible. Maybe that’s why it speaks to them. I’m glad it came out that that was the original intention. But the corporate world wasn’t ready for it yet. Where else can you stream the Matrix films?

Matrix as well as Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions can be found streaming not only on Amazon Prime, but also on Netflix. For the meta-revival film Matrix Resurrections, which was only released in 2021, you also turn to the online mail order company’s VoD service.

Alternatively, you can rent or purchase the films from Amazon, Sky, Apple TV or Google Play.

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