Sci-fi horror with 95 minutes of high tension underwater and a huge twist

Sci fi horror with 95 minutes of high tension underwater and

Many films rely on lengthy exposition and extensive character introductions. Underwater works completely differently and immediately throws us into an absolutely terrifying horror scenario within the first few minutes. You can watch the film with a sci-fi twist and Kristen Stewart on TV today and we can only strongly recommend it.

Today on TV: That’s what Underwater is about – It’s Awakened

Over 10 kilometers below the sea surface Several drilling stations were built, but of course everything that could go wrong goes wrong. Norah (Kristen Stewart) is in the middle of it all and has to fight for her survival within a very short time. At first it seems to be just some kind of earthquake that causes dangerous damage, but it gradually turns out that it was something completely different.

A small group of survivors have no choice but to flee from their drilling station to the next. Where they are now, all the escape pods have already been used and a huge explosion is imminent. This means that the colorful motley crew wandering across the seabed in diving suits must. Without knowing what really awaits them out there.

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Underwater offers 95 minutes of absolute maximum tension in a claustrophobic deep-sea setting

Just the idea of ​​being so deep under water will make many people’s toenails curl up. There is such a high, merciless pressure down there that… Stations almost as good in space too could be: The slightest damage to the shell means the end. Underwater knows how to use this very well.

But after a short time it becomes clear that the depth, the pressure, the water and the darkness are not the survivors’ biggest problems. Quite the opposite. It’s not for nothing that the subtitle of this film is “It’s Awakened.”. Director William Eubank masterfully succeeds in gradually revealing the full extent of the horror.

Kristen Stewart also does an outstanding job and the length proves once again that even a pleasantly compact film can be very entertaining. If you can do something with films like Alien, Sphere or The Abyssyou should also be thoroughly entertained by Underwater – and sit on the front edge of your seat in anticipation the entire time.

TV or stream: When and where does Underwater come?

RTL shows Underwater – It Awakened on the night of this Sunday, February 18th to February 19th, 2024 12:30 a.m.

But if you don’t have time, no problem: you can of course also watch the film online. You can find him, for example with Disney+ subscription and you can rent or buy it on Magenta TV, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime or Maxdome.

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