School place according to income not for younger students

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According to a recent agreement between Danish parties, the “gymnasieaftalen”, the family’s income must be a factor when places are distributed at the high schools. The aim should be to promote diversity, especially in metropolitan schools. Despite harsh criticism, the measure will come into force by the next school year, i.e. autumn 2023.

Education Minister Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S) then signaled that this would also be underway for the “folkeskolen”, i.e. Danish primary school.

But on a direct question from Berlingske, the message is now that there are no such plans.

Perhaps the intense debate about the measure for the upper secondary school plays a role. Many municipalities grumble that the state is pointing the finger.

— It’s about our local communities being common, and that we should meet in the public school. But we should have that discussion locally, it’s not something we should be forced into, says Anders Wolf Andresen, mayor of Hvidovre.