Scary words from Elon Musk! It will be talked about a lot again: “The possibility of extinction of all species…”

Scary words from Elon Musk It will be talked about

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, one of the most talked about names around the world, once again managed to attract attention with the statements he made on his Twitter account. Musk, who became famous with his tweets that energized the crypto money market, talked about the possibility of extinction of all species this time and, to be honest, scared many people.


Elon Musk commented under a post on Twitter. There was an article in the post, and it was claimed that there were 5 mass extinctions and a sixth would be caused by human activities. “Unless humanity makes life multi-planetary, there is a 100 percent probability of extinction of all species due to the expansion of the Sun,” Musk said. he replied.

So, according to Musk; In order to survive extinction, we need to make our life multi-planetary, that is, to migrate to other planets. Otherwise, a mass extinction awaits us.


Elon Musk’s passion for Mars is no secret. The famous name plans to build a habitat on the Red Planet as a “billionaire who chose to die on Mars”. Elon Musk is targeting the colonization of Mars with the SpaceX company he founded.