Scarlett Johansson’s underrated sci-fi fireworks that gets a sequel

Sci-Fi fans can rejoice: Lucy is now available on Amazon Prime. The film stars Scarlett Johansson, who we usually see as Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe The wild mix of action, superhero elements, nature documentary and science fiction was a big hit at the time, which is why you shouldn’t miss it.

Sci-Fi on Amazon Prime: Lucy develops supernatural powers

The eponymous student Lucy serves as a drug smuggler. A nootropic drug is implanted in her abdomen, which in high doses promises control over space, time and matter. During her smuggling journey, she is kicked in the stomach. This breaks the package and the drugs spread in your body out of.



With time Lucy develops supernatural abilities such as telepathy and the manipulation of electromagnetic waves. She contacts the scientist Prof. Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) to learn more about her new-found abilities. At the same time, a drug lord (Oldboy star Choi Min-sik) is on her heels.

But she gets her superpowers at a high price: Lucy is losing more and more of her human side.

The sci-fi film is set to get a series sequel

There was speculation beforehand that Lucy would get another film sequel. But Luc Besson, the director of part 1, denied these rumors. Instead, it is said that a spin-off series to Lucy in which Morgan Freeman will again take on the role of the professor, as industry magazine Variety reported in 2022. However, there is no trace of Lucy or Scarlett Johansson.

  • Lucy is not only available via stream, but also on DVD and Blu-ray*
  • Thus, the biggest star of the film is missing in the spin-offSo if you want to play it safe and see the actress in a great role, you should check out Amazon Prime now.

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