Scandal in the Spanish national team, which dominated Finland in the European Championships – 15 players announced that they quit because of the head coach, a drastic response from the union

Scandal in the Spanish national team which dominated Finland in

Spanish football is bubbling, now also publicly. The players of the women’s national team have been dissatisfied with their head coach for a long time. The Spanish federation has been reluctant to react.

15 players of the Spanish women’s national team have announced that they will not be seen in the national team again, unless the head coach Jorge Vilda get fired.

Each of the players had written the same email to the RFEF, the Spanish Football Federation. According to the players, the current situation has affected their health and mental well-being.

of The Guardian (you will switch to another service) according to the players had already complained about Vilda’s chairman three weeks ago For Luis Rubiales.

Sky Sports (switch to another service) says that the players are dissatisfied with the atmosphere, player selections and training, as well as the way injuries have been handled in the team. The players criticize the quality of training and the fact that Vilda always invites the same players to the national team, even if they have injuries.

– The relationship has been completely broken. And now the bomb exploded, described El Espanol (you will switch to another service).

Spanish specialist Fernando Kallas told Sky Sports that the situation is no longer a surprise.

– The players claim that the coach has created a toxic culture. The story is unprecedented. I don’t remember such a high-level national team where almost every player has just left.

Marca published (you are moving to another service) The names of the 15 players who filed their claims with the union. The list includes, among other things, six Barcelona players. However, there is no captain on the list Irene Paredes (Barcelona), chosen as the best player in the world last year Alexia Putellas (Barcelona) or any Real Madrid player.

The Spanish federation fully took the head coach’s side. To the bulletin (you will switch to another service) according to it does not accept that players question the continuity of coaching.

The federation even appealed to Spanish legislation, stating that a player who refuses to play for the national team can be banned from the national team for 2 to 5 years.

The association stated that it is ready to play with youth national teams if necessary. The release said that the player who sent the letter can only return to the national team by admitting his mistake and apologizing.

Many Spanish websites talk about the “Age of the Vildos”. Jorge Vilda was elected head coach in 2015 and his contract runs until 2024. Jorge’s father Angel Vilda works in the Spanish Federation in the women’s football department. In addition to being the head coach, Jorge is the sports director of women’s football in the association.

Despite everything, Spain won their World Cup qualifying group crushingly: eight matches, eight victories, a goal difference of 53–0.

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