Say what you will about Resident Evil, but this scene is just brilliant

Say what you will about Resident Evil but this scene

When it comes to Resident Evil, opinions vary widely. The film adaptation of the Capcom video game series of the same name hit the big screen in 2002. Milla Jovovich slipped into the role of the for the first time Action heroine Alicewho returned for a total of five more zombie adventures.

Despite the continuing cinema success, the films could not convince many fans of the template. Director Paul WS Anderson focused more on adrenaline pumping action than nerve-wracking moments of suspense. With the most iconic scene of the first part, however, he has created a masterpiece that unites both sides.

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  • In Resident Evil, a corridor becomes a deathtrap

    We’re talking about the scene with the laser grid. This is a defense mechanism that Alice and Co. face when trying to get into the Umbrella Corporation rabbit hole to penetrate On the way to the Red Queen, the group has to go through a narrow corridor that turns into a death trap.

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    resident Evil

    At first, however, there is no obstacle in sight – as the film progresses, it becomes clear scarier locations to see something like a dark room with ominous nebulae and frightening, giant machines that could have come straight out of an alien movie (or Anderson’s alien-bow, Event Horizon).

    The corridor does not show any labyrinthine features, on the contrary: there is a clear direction, that of cold light and straight lines is framed. It should be child’s play to cover the distance from the entrance to the exit, but then suddenly a laser reveals itself and moves directly towards the characters.

    Resident Evil and hopelessness down the rabbit hole

    Contrary to the bustling zombie encounters, a straight cut ensures pure horror. Weapons and bodies are severed without any problems. Before we know it, one laser beam splits into a whole lattice. There is no escape. All that’s left are… pieces. The hopelessness is unbelievable.

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    resident Evil

    Horror and action go hand in hand in this high tension scenario. Anderson maneuvers us into a video game level with clear rules, but deprives us of all power. We can neither control the characters nor press any buttons. Instead, we are exposed to the strict geometry of space.

    Anderson returns to this theme again and again throughout the Resident Evil films. Long, clinical corridors, which resemble a freshly loaded video game level where anything is possible, appear regularly in his work. They have become the style-defining image of the Resident Evil series and have grown steadily.

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    Resident Evil 5: Retribution

    The most striking example of this development can be found in Resident Evil 5: Retribution, when the once cramped hallway chosen for the epic stage becomes. The lasers are gone. Now Alice is using the nature of the room to her advantage, taking on one zombie after another. But the movement has remained the same: the corridor takes us forward in the umbrella labyrinth.

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