Save SEK 10,000 – with the smart tire trick

Save SEK 10000 with the smart tire trick

We are in the middle of tire change times, and those who drive on studded tires in the winter must have their summer tires fitted by April 16th.

Riksförbundet M Sweden has carried out a large test of 16 summer tires in collaboration with its German counterpart ADAC.

Of these, all achieved a passing result, but only three were graded “really good”. The test shows that good tires not only benefit the car’s driving characteristics, but also the environment and personal finances.

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It doesn’t pay to be stingy

Buying new tires for the car is not necessarily as simple as checking which size fits and clicking home the cheapest option online. As is often the case, it doesn’t pay to be stingy.

– Cheap tires wear out faster. It is possible to save several thousand Swedish kroner by choosing the right tire, says Carl-Erik Stjernvall, technical expert at M Sweden.

Carl-Erik Stjernvall notes, however, that the economy should not necessarily come first when choosing tires.

– Of course, the road safety properties of the tire must be prioritized first and foremost. But the tire industry is a jungle where it is important for the consumer to be well-educated and take part in independent test results, standard markings such as the EU’s tire sticker do not give the whole result.

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Big difference between tires

As an illustration that it doesn’t pay to be stingy in your tire choice, M Sweden has compared the tires Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2 and Laufenn S Fit EQ+.

The Goodyear tire has a unit price of SEK 2,000, and a set of four tires thus costs SEK 8,000. Based on testing with ADAC, this set of tires is estimated to be worn out after 6,500 miles.

The unit price of the Laufenn tire is SEK 1,700, and a complete set thus costs SEK 6,800, which is significantly cheaper than a set of Goodyear tires. In contrast, the Laufenn tires are estimated to be worn out after only 2,530 miles. In addition, the Laufenn tires increase consumption by 0.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

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Save up to SEK 10,000

This means that 2.6 sets of Laufenn tires are used in the 6,500 miles that the Goodyear tires last, while the increased consumption results in SEK 1,200 in extra fuel costs.

The total cost of 2.6 sets of Laufenn tires and SEK 1,200 in extra gas is SEK 18,880, compared to spending SEK 8,000 on the more expensive Goodyear tires. This means that over 6,500 miles it is more than SEK 10,000 more expensive to choose the Laufenn tires instead.

The Goodyear tire also provides better driving characteristics, and is more environmentally friendly because it lasts longer.

In other words, it doesn’t pay to be stingy when it comes to tires.

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