Saras splash with Moratti out. Title aligns with sales quota

Saras splash with Moratti out Title aligns with sales quota

(Finance) – Reduction broken down by Saraswhich exhibits a deadweight loss of 5.68% on previous values, after the Moratti family reached an agreement to sell 35% of the company to raw materials trader Vitol at a price of 1.75 euros per share.

On Piazza Affari the stock is trading at 1.70 euros after reaching a low of 1.6645 euros.

Vitol will launch a takeover bid on the stock with the aim of delisting it.

On a comparative level on a weekly basis, the trend of energy company highlights a more marked trend than the trendline of FTSE Italia All-Share. This demonstrates the greater propensity of investors to buy towards Saras compared to the index.

Technically, the Group active in refining it is in a strengthening phase with a resistance area seen at 1.72 Euro, while the most immediate support can be seen at 1.666. At an operational level, a continuation of the bullish session is expected with resistance seen at 1.774.