Sara Skyttedal made herself impossible in KD

How surprising is it that Skyttedal is now leaving the party?

It was expected. Sara Skyttedal has crossed several boundaries for what is acceptable for a leading representative of a political party. She has taken a stand for drug liberalism, which the Christian Democrats do not support.

She has sought cooperation with another party. And she has accused her own party leader of acting fraudulently.

With that, she has made herself impossible in KD and had no future in the party anymore, at least not as long as Ebba Busch is at the helm.

How is the party affected by the recent open conflicts?

It hurts the party significantly. The Christian Democrats have already taken a beating from the attention surrounding Ebba Busch’s house deal and the libel verdict. Since then, there have been several strange turns regarding who will be at the top of the party’s EU list.

And now one of KD’s most high-profile front figures is leaving. The Christian Democrats need to focus on the political content – not on infected conflicts between different people.

How does the turbulence affect Ebba Busch’s position as party leader?

In this urgent situation, I think she is supported by her own. But in the longer term, it could lead to her ability to hold together and lead the party being openly questioned. Especially if the opinion numbers don’t pick up soon.