Samsung would have definitely given up on the Galaxy Note … but that’s not necessarily a problem

Samsung would have definitely given up on the Galaxy Note

In 2021, Samsung has not released any new Galaxy Note. To justify itself to its fans of the first hour, the brand accused the shortage of components which, according to it, made the design of its new smartphone impossible. However, Samsung released several devices at the end of the year, some of which arguably sold in larger proportions than the previous Galaxy Note.

Should we expect a return to normal in 2022? According to information from the Korean newspaper ETNews, generally very knowledgeable about Samsung, the answer is no. The Galaxy Note would once again be left out.

The false excuse for the shortage of components

Let’s be honest, the information fromAND News do not surprise us. At the time already, we were surprised by the accusation of Samsung which, if it pointed directly to the shortage of components, seemed to have given up its Galaxy Note several months earlier. The Korean gave the impression of not taking responsibility for his choices, probably not to annoy his fans. It didn’t seem very courageous to us, especially since several rumors had long been agreed on the death of the Galaxy Note in 2021.

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A Galaxy S22 Ultra to take over

Is the use of a stylus on a smartphone doomed to disappear? It’s unlikely. Samsung’s strategy seems to have evolved. The S-Pen is no longer an exclusive feature of a product, but a function available on its other devices, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is also what explains the disappearance of the range. no longer really has any advantage over other Samsung products.

The upcoming arrival of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with a location reserved for the S-Pen according to rumors, should definitely end the debate. Even if it is not called Galaxy Note 22, the future Galaxy S22 Ultra could have everything from the successor to this iconic range. In other words, Samsung is simplifying its range, and that’s good news.

Will the Galaxy Note ever come back under its real name? In the world of new technologies, in particular that of the smartphone where resurrections are fashionable (hello Motorola razr), it seems difficult to us to bury this range too quickly. Its short-term future is clearly threatened (although the S22 Ultra will take over), but it could return in a few years.

Source: ETNews