Samsung “Super HDR” will not come to older devices

Samsung Super HDR will not come to older devices

According to the statement made today, Samsung “Super HDR” will not come to older devices. This support is currently only available on Galaxy S24s.

Samsung Galaxy S24 models in the family Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra, Instagram And snapchat It does not upset its users in terms of quality in its shares because Samsung has collaborated with both companies. This is basically how Galaxy S24 owners get access to Instagram and Snapchat’s in-app cameras. “Super HDR” from the assertive “nightography” It can benefit from the power of the infrastructure and advanced video stabilization built-in. Regarding the Super HDR detail of this issue, which will please many people, Samsung Turkey stated the following: “The superior camera features of the Galaxy S series now integrate directly with mobile applications such as Instagram in HDR quality to take social sharing to the next level. When an image is searched in the Gallery or preferred social media app, the highlighted portion of the images is analyzed and displayed in Super HDR quality, offering a more realistic range of brightness, color and contrast.” According to the new statement, this feature will be available on Galaxy S23s or other devices. will not come. Super HDR, which is built on Google’s Ultra HDR, is not supported hardware on the processors and screens of older Galaxy devices, according to the statement.


Samsung’s work with Instagram goes deeper than Snapchat, on this side, advanced editing, loading and viewing experiences are offered specifically for Galaxy S24 owners. Reportedly, these include the ability to create Instagram stories directly using moving photos. Based on Super HDR, it is also reported that Galaxy S24 devices are the first devices to offer HDR photo support on Instagram.

Samsung Electronics Mobile World President and CEO TM Roh said the following about their new phones: “The S24 series transforms our connection to the world and ushers in the next decade of mobile technologies. Galaxy AI was built on our long tradition of innovation and our deep understanding of the way people use their smartphones. “We look forward to seeing how Galaxy AI will support daily life, offering new possibilities to our users around the world.”

Stating that they are on the verge of a revolution in artificial intelligence technology Samsung Electronics Türkiye President and CEO Jeff Jo, ”The S24 series redefines the use of mobile devices. Galaxy AI turns everyday life into an extraordinary experience, breaking down language barriers and opening new horizons of creativity. “This series is a milestone that shapes the future of smartphones with artificial intelligence, innovation and aesthetics, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative era.” he said.