Samsung started to increase the pressure on its employees

Samsung started to increase the pressure on its employees

SamsungAccording to the information received, it started to increase the pressure on its employees due to falling incomes. case.

Samsung He hasn’t been going through very good times financially lately. The company has long accepted that 2023 will be difficult and wants to recover from the negative situations while there is only a short time left to enter the new year. In this context, it also wants to strengthen internal business discipline. According to the latest information from South Korea, the company’s losses have increased significantly. It tightens things up specifically for the Device Solution (DS) department (they produce chip/memory/hardware basic solutions). Samsung has reportedly asked employees to contact their colleagues, managers or other team members. He wants them to report it if they neglect their duties. It was stated that the employees who reported others assured everyone that their names would not be disclosed and Samsung, which received a lot of reactions within the company on this issue, He wants playing games while working to be completely eliminated, and these steps It is stated that it was put into effect after complaints from young employees to their superiors. The company, which is said to focus on sexual harassment, also It is stated that there has also been a change in evaluating employee performance. It is said that poor performance in the new period may lead to salary reductions or salary increases being frozen.


Samsung Before this, it came to the fore with news about a processor. As you know, the company has been in our lives for a long time with its mobile processors called Exynos. The Exynos processors it has prepared are always one level behind compared to its rival Snapdragon processors. The company, which has received a lot of criticism on this issue for years, In the coming period in order to break the last negative opinion By removing Exynos “DreamChip” He made a splash with the news that he could change his name. Later, this was officially denied and it was stated that the name Exynos would continue to be used.

The last thing that brought the company to the agenda regarding this issue was the costs. As far as it is reported, the company will have smartphone processors in 2023, that is, largely. The money paid to Qualcomm for Snapdragon processors approached 7 billion dollars. It is reported that this means an increase of 204 percent compared to 2019, which of course does not look very good for the company. Of course, the company’s sales increase along with its costs, but its external expenses are still considerably high. That’s why it continues to keep Exynos processors on the table, that is, to develop them.