Samsung offers more security options to Galaxy users with One UI 6

SamsungWith One UI 6, Apple puts control at the center of the experience by giving users more background apps on how to customize their mobile experience.

The statement made by Samsung on the subject was as follows: “Samsung introduced One UI 6 at its developer conference event (SDC 2023). This furthers the customization capabilities of Galaxy devices and the freedom to choose how they work. Smartphones now take up a larger place in our lives than ever before. Having and feeling control is becoming an important part of modern mobile experiences. With this new update, Samsung aims to enable users to have a more holistic control of their devices. Thus, it makes technological experiences more personal, meaningful and satisfying. Auto Blocker, added to Galaxy’s security and privacy innovations, stands out as a feature that allows users to set their own limits. Auto Blocker offers users more control over file transfer between devices (sideloading) and the security and management of applications.


As security-related cyber threats are constantly evolving, Samsung is constantly developing new methods to protect users against these threats. Auto Blocker; It prevents attacks via USB and provides application security against potential malware.

It also enables Message Guard, which prevents Zero Click exploits against popular third-party messaging apps such as Messenger, Telegram, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp.

So for users who don’t make extensive device customizations, turning on the Auto Blocker option means additional, effortless peace of mind. Galaxy continues to be developed every day to become an ecosystem that not only empowers informed choice but also adapts to changes in the digital environment. This gives the user the freedom to set their limits and change them whenever they want.”


Samsung Electronics Mobile Experience Department Vice President and Security Team Head Dr. Seungwon Shinmade the following statements on the subject: ”Galaxy places great value on user control in mobile technology. Freedom of choice about customization and protection is the cornerstone of the modern mobile experience. By adopting an approach of setting boundaries rather than building walls, Galaxy centers individual priorities and safety.

With innovative features such as Auto Blocker, the ability to make conscious choices is strengthened and the freedom to adapt to changes in the digital environment is provided. “These advances in security and privacy not only protect users, but also make them feel more free, informed and secure.”

The following was also stated on the subject: “The Auto Block feature will be first available to the Galaxy S23 series with the One UI 6 update and will soon come to other Samsung devices. Galaxy’s security ecosystem is constantly being renewed.

With the update of the Security and Privacy Dashboard, users can more easily control their data usage. “With the expansion of hardware-based Knox Vault and Knox Matrix, the ultimate security is provided for more devices.”