Samsung Launches Mint Chocolate Paintjob Collaboration Accessories

Samsung Launches Mint Chocolate Paintjob Collaboration Accessories

Samsunghas launched its new wireless keyboard and mouse. The series called Mint Choco promises a delicious feast for mint chocolate ice cream lovers. A fascinating design in which mint color is decorated with chocolate chips. This series is groundbreaking both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Featuring a full set of keys, including a function row, cursor keys and a navigation cluster, as well as a numeric keypad, this keyboard has everything you need for a smooth typing experience. With dedicated hotkeys for the calculator, media control, volume and home button, navigating your computer becomes pure pleasure.

Only 462 grams in weight and 436 x 125 x 23mm sized, this keyboard is light and compact, making it easy to carry. The keyboard design with scissor switch mechanism provides a laptop-style feel with soft-touch and low-noise keys.

With its ambidextrous design, the mouse is also light and compact, not only 49 grams in weight and 108 x 60 x 26mm in size. A high-performance optical sensor and three sensitivity levels (800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI) Equipped with a mouse, this mouse provides precision and accuracy in all your movements.

Wireless 2.4GHz This mouse, which uses technology, is quite responsive, although it requires a dongle and has a slightly weaker battery life than its Bluetooth counterparts. Samsung’s promise of wear-resistant coating and chocolate print on the character keep your device looking fresh and vibrant for a long time.

Samsung devices are currently only available in South Korea. It has not announced its prices yet.