Samsung is preparing for a very ambitious debut with Galaxy AI

South Korea-based technology giant Samsung, Galaxy is preparing for a very ambitious launch with AI. First step with Galaxy S24s will be thrown away.

Samsung, based on generative artificial intelligence Galaxy A.I. It will bring advanced capabilities to the products it offers to the market. The new infrastructure will first start with the Galaxy S24 series, but will later focus on other Galaxy devices. It will offer many interesting and useful opportunities directly on the device, so there will be no need for a constant internet connection. According to the latest information, this infrastructure will not only be open to Samsung’s services. In other words, Samsung will integrate artificial intelligence solutions of other companies into its devices, thus making smartphones much more powerful. Samsung, which does not want to fall behind in productive artificial intelligence in an environment where ChatGPT changes everything, is not the only name working on this subject. Technology giant Apple also It will make major announcements focused on productive artificial intelligence with the iOS 18 operating system. Additionally, Google focuses on Android phones via Gemini. He’s making big plans.


Samsung Türkiye had previously stated the following about this system: “Innovator galaxy artificial intelligence (A.I.) was developed to give users mobile experiences they’ve never had before. galaxy A.I.Going beyond personal assistants, it enriches the daily mobile experience not only on devices developed by Samsung, but also with cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions. These solutions are supported by open source collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders.

galaxy A.I.especially improving the communication function, which is the main purpose of the phone A.I. It draws attention with its Live Translate Call (Artificial intelligence-supported live translation) feature. This provides users with a personal translator experience, allowing seamless communication with people in different languages. Since this feature is integrated into the calling function on the phone, the need to use third-party applications is eliminated.

Voice and text translations are made in real time while the user is speaking, making calling someone speaking another language as easy as turning on subtitles with one tap while watching a program. This, galaxy A.I. Since it is a feature of the device itself, private conversations, regardless of their content, are never carried out of the device.

galaxy committed to providing a secure and personalized mobile experience while protecting the user’s privacy. Users will experience everything they expect from their phones, combined with the advantages of a new age of artificial intelligence.

galaxy A.I.In addition to the artificial intelligence capabilities integrated into Samsung devices, it will offer users a richer and more comprehensive mobile experience, thanks to cloud technology-supported artificial intelligence services developed in cooperation with other leading companies.

“Mobile technologies have tremendous power to bring connectivity, productivity, creativity and more to people around the world,” said Wonjoon Choi, Vice President of Mobile e-Experience and Head of R&D at Samsung Electronics.

However, we have not yet seen a truly meaningful reflection of these capabilities of artificial intelligence on mobile devices. Our most comprehensive intelligence solution ever galaxy A.I.“It will forever change the value we attach to our phones,” he said.

Will be available early next year galaxy A.I.will eliminate some of the most common barriers to social connections and bring the user closer to a world where communication is easier and more productive than ever before.

“Samsung Electronics remains committed to delivering breakthrough experiences that foster true connections and unlock new possibilities right on users’ phones.”