Samsung Galaxy S23 owners are experiencing issues with One UI 6.1

Started shipping recently One UI 6.1 update a centered one Samsung Galaxy S23 The problem arises again output.

As far as officially confirmed Samsung Galaxy S23 owners OneUI 6.1 after an update fingerprint sensor He also started having problems. Users began to say that the sensor lost its previous performance after the update, and Samsung made an official statement saying that they were aware of this problem and that the situation was resolved. They will fix it with the next update he stated. Galaxy S23 Owners of phones in the series, OneUI 6.1 Touch screen problems after update (The screen basically does not detect touches or detects them very slowly) had also begun to live. In this respect, those who have not yet updated are advised to wait a little longer. Making a statement on this issue, Samsung puts the blame on Google. Yesterday, this problem occurred due to Google’s news / discovery page (based on the Google application) that opens when you swipe left on the home screen. It was reported that Google was aware of this and was working to solve the problem. Samsung currently only offers a temporary solution to users affected by the problem. Reportedly, clearing the data of the Google application and then restarting the devices fixes the screen problems for a while.


For the Samsung One UI 6.1 update, the company stated the following:Galaxy’s AI world is designed to provide users with premium mobile AI experiences that make their daily lives easier. In line with Samsung’s mission of making the latest technologies accessible to everyone, the range of Galaxy models with Galaxy AI capabilities has expanded with the new One UI 6.1 update, while it has artificial intelligence technology from Live Translate to Circle to Search, from Note Assistant to Creative Editing. , many new features that improve life are offered to more users.

Galaxy AI brings many features that advance the mobile web browsing and search engine experience to smartphones. The Circle to Search feature with Google allows users to search on Google about any object or content they see on the screen by drawing a circle with their fingers around that object or content. When users are curious about an object they see in a scene while watching their favorite content and want to learn more about it, or when they like a product, outfit or device and want to buy it, Circle to Search will enable them to quickly find the searched objects by presenting results on different websites.

Circle to Search with Google also provides relevant and personalized information based on the user’s location, with AI-powered global results. Web Assistant offers the opportunity to save time while following what is happening in the world by creating short summaries of news or web pages. In this way, web experience and news tracking becomes much more effortless and efficient. Thanks to these features, this transformation in the navigation and search engine experience, which started with the Galaxy S24 Series, now comes to more devices with the One UI 6.1 update, bringing practicality and time to more users.

Chat Assistant offers users a more qualified communication opportunity by suggesting correspondence content appropriate to the context of the conversation while chatting. Artificial intelligence-supported Chat Assistant can produce content suggestions for daily conversations with friends, as well as responses in a more formal and corporate language for correspondence with colleagues or business partners. Chat Assistant also translates messages in an accurate and appropriate tone with its translation feature in 13 languages, allowing two users who do not speak the same language to easily communicate and understand each other via chat.

Voice Recording Assistant can transcribe, summarize and even translate voice recordings with artificial intelligence and Speech-to-Text transfer technologies, thus reducing the daily workload. Note Assistant makes note-taking more creative, practical and enjoyable. With artificial intelligence support, it summarizes the notes taken, places the notes in special templates, suggests cover pages and offers a more organized and productive note-taking experience. Thanks to these features, the tools used in daily business life make life easier and offer a more efficient daily experience. While keeping track of meetings and tasks, as well as correspondence, becomes more practical, time is saved in business routines.

With Interpreter and Live Translate, it is now very easy for users to overcome language barriers in countries where they do not speak the language. Interpreter eliminates the language barrier in face-to-face communication and enables communication in the spoken language when you want to get directions in a city you are visiting. When used together with Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the Interpreter works in conjunction with the headphones and offers a smoother experience without the need to remove the headphones. Live Translate helps you make restaurant and transportation reservations with real-time translation support in the local language for phone calls. Thanks to these two features, languages ​​you do not know will no longer hinder your travel and you will not have to worry about the language barrier during your holidays.

Creative Editing stands out as an artificial intelligence-supported feature that allows you to resize, change the position or align objects in the photo even after taking the photos, and expands the boundaries of photo editing by making it more creative. Thanks to this artificial intelligence feature, users will be able to make whatever changes they want on the photos they produce more freely with less effort. Editing Suggestion takes the existing photo editing experience one step further by offering appropriate editing suggestions for each photo in photo editing applications that use artificial intelligence, preferred by the user.

Instant Slow Motion detects moving scenes in the captured videos and slows down the action scenes to highlight them. In this way, it adds the touch of an action movie director to the videos and makes the videos look more professional. Galaxy AI also allows users to design their own unique wallpapers with themes and ready-made design scripts. Galaxy AI features; It is designed to further improve users’ daily mobile device experience, whether at home, at work or on vacation. “