Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Survey Results

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Survey Results

Samsung’s highly anticipated product Galaxy S21 FE, has recently entered the market. The S21 FE did not get off to a good start in last week’s polls. Especially the world of technology. Galaxy S22 more interested in the model.

Users in worldwide surveys Galaxy S22 It was observed that they were more excited for The price of the S22, which will be released in the coming times, has come to a curious position. There is a slight price difference between Samsung’s latest series, the FE version and the S version. Plus prices are almost the same. Especially the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the lack of card support were negatively received by many users.

In terms of pricing, many users are waiting for big discount days. In particular, most people are waiting for the S22 to be released and thus the prices to drop. The biggest feature that makes the S21 FE model stand out is Snapdragon to have the set. It was seen in the surveys that the most users Snapdragon likes the feature. However, it wasn’t enough to positively affect the Snapdragon S21 FE’s survey.

According to most technology channels S21 FE It didn’t get bad results from the polls, just showing slow progress. Especially with the decrease in prices, the survey results are expected to increase positively. An absolutely amazing phone. S21 FE, it just takes a lot of blows from the price issue. With the release of new models in the coming months, the price of FE seems to decrease.

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