Samsung Announces New Safe Driving Technology at CES 2023

Samsung Announces New Safe Driving Technology at CES 2023

Many TVs and TV shows at CES 2023 after releasing new software features Samsungintroduced two standalone technologies, Ready Care and Ready Tune, in collaboration with Harmon.

ReadyCare, Samsung It’s a very interesting technology actually discovered by. Ready Care uses multiple information to ensure safe driving and then changes the vehicle’s settings. Ready Tune is a technology that intelligently adjusts the audio output to provide a best-in-class audio experience.

Ready Care takes a deeper look at the driver’s physical and mental health. It changes the vehicle’s settings according to the data collected to increase driving safety and comfort.

This new technology from Harman and Samsung uses health-related information from wearable devices such as the Galaxy Watch, as well as cameras and sensors placed inside a car. It can detect cognitive distraction, visual distraction and fatigue in a driver.

Based on these three factors, Ready Care can change a number of vehicle settings to improve driving safety. To keep the driver awake, the system changes the volume, interior lighting and climate settings if it detects that the driver is drowsy.

Similarly, if the system detects that the drive is stressed (via Galaxy Watch readings) A function known as Stress-Free Routing is activating. It offers a navigational route with less traffic and weather related problems to keep stress levels under control, even if it requires a longer route.

This Relaxing Mode also accompanies. This function can operate smart home appliances such as lights, air conditioner and TV with the help of Samsung SmartThings. Relax Mode, just before the driver comes home, changes various settings of these devices according to the driver’s mental state, making them more relaxing.

Using health information from devices like the Galaxy Watch and the company’s services like SmartThings, Samsung hopes to improve driving safety and offer seamless integration across multiple connected systems, based on data obtained through dash cameras and sensors.