Same hair, same porcelain complexion and matching outfits, Angelina Jolie and her daughter look more alike than ever

Same hair same porcelain complexion and matching outfits Angelina Jolie

Vivienne and Angelina Jolie displayed their striking resemblance on the red carpet of the 2024 Tony Awards. Same radiant face and same natural hair: mother and daughter are of rare beauty. Photo proof.

It was alongside her 15-year-old daughter that Angelina Jolie appeared at the 77th edition of the Tony Awards which took place on June 16 in New York. The actress has certainly passed on her beauty traits to her youngest daughter.

Angelina Jolie’s signature makeup

In matching color outfits, the actress and her daughter walked the red carpet of this ceremony rewarding Broadway productions. The duo represented the musical The Outsiders, of which Angelina Jolie is the producer and Vivienne the production assistant. To salute the triumph of this adaptation of the eponymous novel by SE Hinton, mother and daughter competed in beauty. At the age of 15, Vivienne Jolie had chosen to display her natural face, without artifice, while Angelina broke out her signature makeup. Thus, Brad Pitt’s ex sported a very luminous complexion, giving him a fresh and youthful look. Her beautiful light eyes were highlighted with taupe eyeshadow and a thin line of black kohl to create a captivating cat eye effect. Finally, a peach blush, echoing her glossy lipstick, gave the 49-year-old star a healthy glow.

Vivienne and Angelina Jolie at the Tony Awards on June 16, 2024. © Steve Eichner//SIPA

Vivienne, perfect mix between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

If until now, she had remained discreet in media life, Vivienne Jolie is showing herself more in front of photographers, in particular thanks to this role as production assistant to her mother. Thus, the youngest of the former couple nicknamed Brangelina was able to reveal to us her obvious resemblance to her famous parents. Same features as his father and dark blond hair as his mother : the one who has a twin brother, named Knox, and five other brothers and sisters is already a dazzling beauty at the age of 15. She’s definitely a future it-girl.