Sam Altman could transform chip market with Abu Dhabi support

FTC launches investigation for OpenAI firm that developed ChatGPT

CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman, It has truly opened the door to a huge investment to change the chip market. it could be.

You know OpenAIdeveloped by ChatGPT Systems such as these work thanks to very large server systems, and in most of these servers Nvidia There are chips produced by. Knowing that this produces an extremely high cost, companies are developing their own chips / processors for productive artificial intelligence systems, and among the names working on this subject are OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also appears. WSJ’s latest news According to Altman, he is seeking to raise funds for an ambitious technology initiative that will increase the world’s chip manufacturing capacity overall, powering the next generation of artificial intelligence systems more effectively than ever before. It is in talks with a number of investors, including the United Arab Emirates government. The project that Altman had in mind A huge resource between 5 trillion and 7 trillion dollars It is said that it may require and this seems truly incredible. New information shows that Abu Dhabi’s state-backed investment company MGX may support Altman for his big goal.


Active discussions are taking place on behalf of investment, with Abu Dhabi establishing itself with global partners from around the world. plans to create a structure that will put artificial intelligence technology at the center It is stated. In addition, it is among the new information that Singaporean Temasek Holdings is in talks to invest in OpenAI. Altman is as productive as we know states that a revolution is needed in clean energy production for artificial intelligence systems and focuses on that aspect within the scope of investment tours. As you can imagine, the servers that power productive artificial intelligence systems consume a lot of energy, and future solutions such as small nuclear fusion generators are needed for a structure that can be maintained at low cost. is located.