Salahdine Parnasse wins with a terrible knockout in Paris before writing his future

how Frenchman Salahdine Parnasse came close to writing the history

Salahdine Parnasse, the young star of French MMA, won the last fight of his KSW contract at the Adidas Arena this Saturday April 6 in Paris. A knockout on a high-kick before beginning long negotiations for his future: will the kid from Aubervilliers agree to lower his salary to distribute the blows under the light of the UFC spotlight?

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For Salahdine Parnasse, what better way to tell the world of MMA that we will have to line up the zeros on the checkbook to secure the services of the Frenchman with the predatory smile? For the last fight of his contract which binds him to KSW, the Polish organization in which he became a true European star of this sport, the kid from Aubervilliers sent a strong message. With a knockout in the first round on a high-kick that caressed the top of the head of Valeriu Mircea, his unfortunate opponent of the evening.

Thus, he defended his KSW lightweight championship belt, the second that he has around his waist, his natural category being that of featherweight. But not only. Often nicknamed as the “Mbappé of MMA” by sport observers, as his youth and talent are reminiscent of the PSG player, Salahdine Parnasse is courted. And just like Mbappé, he is now free from any contract. So to raise the stakes, a spectacular victory in an Adidas Arena in Paris won for the cause of Parnassus was the ideal scenario.

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Very clever is the MMA organization which will convince him to fight for it. The KSW, where he is a real figurehead and who would be ready to increase his salary to keep him in its ranks? The PFL, the rising league with colossal resources, capable of raising the stakes to attract the Frenchman? Or the UFC, the queen of all organizations, more stingy, but where the media exposure is incomparable and where the level is by far the highest?

Today, Salahdine Parnasse has a record of 19 victories and two defeats and is among the most talented French players on the circuit. Now it remains to make a choice. “ It’s nice that you follow me on my adventures, I’ve progressed well at KSW », he blurted out in the cage, hot after his fight. What adventure will he take the French public on? Perhaps towards one which will allow him to obtain the world spotlight to be among the greatest of this sport. At 26, in MMA, you are still young, and the road is still long.