SaiPa’s supporters now expect more money for the club – this is known from the ice hockey club’s new ownership | Sport

SaiPas supporters now expect more money for the club

The supporters’ association is satisfied that SaiPa’s old owners have been replaced by new ones.

Chairman of Saimaan Keltumustat ry, the SaiPa supporters’ association Petri Mantykivi notes that the fans are satisfied that the club’s ownership base is changing.

– This creates a new foundation for the club’s credibility. Things have now been reacted to.

SaiPa announced last Wednesday evening that the club will have new owners.

After the acquisition, the new majority shareholder of SaiPa’s background company Liiga-SaiPa oy is Lätkä Lentää oy.

The transaction amount of Liiga-SaiPa oy’s shares has not been disclosed to the public.

Mäntykivi characterizes the new owners as quite unknown to the supporters association.

– I hope the new ownership group will get the club’s finances in order. Of course, now there is a little worry in the background, since we haven’t heard anything about the new plans yet. I have a lot of faith that things will be put in order, Mäntykivi says.

The previous financial period reported by Liiga-SaiPa oy brought a loss. The operating result was a loss of EUR 651,000 with a turnover of EUR 5.01 million.

The new trio in the background

The background of Lätkä Lentää oy Jussi Turunen, Ville Rämä and Juuso Lindqvist.

Evening newspaper reported earlier The ownership shares of Lätkä Lentää oy are distributed as follows: 49 percent is owned by Ville Rämä, and 49 percent is also owned by the holding company Maju oy registered in Lappeenranta. Juuso Lindqvist owns two percent of Lätkä Lentää oy.

Iltalehti tells the story of Jussi Turunen, who is behind Maju oy Maarit Mäkinen. Mäkinen owns 51 percent of Maju oy and Turunen 49 percent.

Mäkinen is the director responsible for teaching activities at the Mäkinen traffic school in Lappeenranta. The reported turnover of Mäkinen Liikennekoulu oy in December 2022 was 164,000 euros. The company made a loss of 40,000 euros during the accounting period.

The CEO of Lätkä Lentää oy is Jussi Turunen.

Well-known entrepreneurs in South Karelia

Jussi Turunen, an entrepreneur from Taipalsaari, is the CEO of a construction company specializing in indoor air research, Saimaa Sisäilma oy. The company was founded in 2004. Its turnover in January 2023 has been announced as 822,000 euros, and the result for the financial period was 65,000 euros.

Turnover increased by more than 100,000 euros compared to January 2022. The result increased in the same period by almost 20,000 euros.

Ville Rämä is the regional manager of the Alexandria banker store in Lappeenranta.

Newspaper South Saimaa tells Rämä is also involved in several different companies. Rämä’s companies are Saimaa Warehouse, which organizes hall and warehouse rentals, Kingfisher Company, which imports king crabs from Northern Norway, and Viveram Invest oy, which engages in investment activities. Viveram Invest’s turnover for the fiscal year announced in December 2022 was 142,000 euros. The company’s result for the financial year was 2,000 euros profitable.

Juuso Lindqvist is CEO of Oljamikoti oy. The Lappeenranta company was founded in 1991. The company produces care and assisted living services.

In December 2022, the company’s turnover has been announced as 3.5 million euros. The company’s profit in the same year was 17,000 euros.