Sadness when the sound festival goes to the grave – criticizes Gnesta municipality

In connection with the art round in Gnesta, the sound festival Antenna is usually held in the old water tower. Then it won’t be years. The organizing association Ljudtornet has decided to cancel this year’s edition.

– We have no room to be in because the municipality does not allow us to be in the water tower, says Karin Kolterud, singer and member of the Sound Tower.

It’s not really that simple, says municipal director Anders Axelsson. According to him, the municipality has leased the water tower to another association, which in turn leased it to the Sound Tower. When that association announced last summer that they no longer wanted to rent the tower, it was not possible to simply transfer the lease to Ljudtornet.

– Physically, it was not possible to be in the water tower and it is about safety and a lot of permits that must be in place for it to work, says Anders Axelsson.


During the construction round, Ljudtornet will instead collect names to protest the situation in the cultural life of Gnesta. The association demands that they be given access to the water tower and that the municipality hire a cultural coordinator. As it is today, cultural practitioners in Gnesta lack a counterpart within the municipality, the association believes.

According to Anders Axelsson, however, a coordinator is to be recruited shortly and he understands that cultural workers need someone to have a dialogue with.

Watch the mourning procession in Gnesta bid farewell to the canceled Antenn music festival.