SACBO, Board of Directors approves construction of new airport service center

SACBO Board of Directors approves construction of new airport service

(Finance) – The SACBO Board of Directorschaired by Giovanni Sanga, approved the project for the construction of the new Airport Service Center in the area owned by the same company and near the 5,000-space P3 intermodal car park.
The work will be ready in 2026 and involves the construction of a series of buildings for carrying out airport activities it’s a 180 room hotel structureof the 4 Star category of an international brand, developed in synergy with one of the most important Italian groups active in the hospitality sector, which will take care of its management by providing a series of services connected to the airport, from the information desk to the luggage storage and the shuttle service to and from the airport.

For the construction of the hotel structure, SACBO has allocated over 24 million eurosin addition to 4.3 million already supported for preparatory works. A study conducted, updated on several occasions, highlighted how hotel development represented a opportunities to improve the offering of passenger services of the airport, while with the resumption of air traffic the demand for hospitality in accommodation facilities close to the airport is increasing.

“The green light for the realization of the executive project of the Airport Services Centre, which will be built in an area owned by SACBO and will include a hotel serving travellers, will allow us to add a new, important piece to our airport infrastructure, adapting it to the levels of large European airports with which it excels in the ranking of quality standards”, he declared Giovanni Sangapresident of SACBO.

“SACBO already has all the permissions to proceed to construction site of the related works. – underlined Sanga – This is an investment that responds to the request for airport reception and logistics services and is part of the actions linked to the development of multimodality, which, with the entry into operation of the terminal station of the railway connection expected in 2026, will allow passengers to be offered every possibility of choice in terms of accessibility and hospitality solutions, to make all phases before and after the journey increasingly comfortable and suited to their needs”.