S demands more money for IVO

Increased powers and 40 extra million. The Social Democrats want the Inspectorate for Care and Care, Ivo, to see that when the autumn budget is presented today.

Barely two weeks ago revealed Cold facts major malpractices in Swedish beauty care. Among other things, the clinics have tried to silence patients who were injured on the operating table, used ready-made surgical templates in the records and performed non-agreed interventions.

Now the Social Democrats are reacting to the program and want to give increased resources to Ivo.

– It touched me deeply to take part in these people and their fates. This is a joke industry that we cannot accept, says Fredrik Lundh Sammeli, social policy spokesperson for the Social Democrats.

Suggests 40 million more to Ivo

In a few weeks, the Social Democrats will present their shadow budget. There they propose 40 million more to Ivo as well as increased powers, to give the authority the opportunity to better review private care. Among other things, they want Ivo to have greater legal powers and to be able to make so-called “hidden test purchases” and search bags and rooms, something the authority currently does not have the opportunity to do.

“Getting pissed off”

In the Kalla fakta program Skönheten og kliniknerna, several women appeared who suffered serious injuries after a cosmetic procedure gone wrong. A woman was close to death when the surgeon punctured her small intestine in three places. Another lives with constant pain after too much skin and tissue was removed from his face. They feel that they were left to their fate after the procedure and that the clinics did not take responsibility.

– I get pissed off, we can’t have it like this. It is important that we strengthen the supervisory authority’s ability to review this industry, says Fredrik Lundh Sammeli.

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Cold facts’ review of the Swedish beauty industry shows that large, serious clinics are at the top of the notifications to IVO.