Russian leader Putin’s statement hit the world agenda! ‘We are close to producing cancer vaccines and new generation drugs’

Russian leader Putins statement hit the world agenda We are

Putin spoke at the “Future Technologies Forum” event held in the capital Moscow. Pointing out that more than 500 cancer treatment centers have been opened across Russia in the last five years, Putin said, “High standards have been established throughout the country regarding diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. As a result, more than half of oncology cases are now detected at the first stage.” he said.


Vladimir Putin emphasized that vaccine studies for cancer treatment are also being carried out and said, “We are close to producing cancer vaccines and new generation drugs that regulate the immune system, known as cancer vaccines. I hope they will be used effectively as individual treatment methods very soon.” He made a statement.

During the Covid-19 epidemic in Russia, vaccines such as Sputnik V and Sputnik Light were developed and sent to some countries as well as being used in the country. (AA)This content was published by Metin Yamaner