Russian forces opened fire in Lilia’s garden: Shoot and shoot

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It is almost eleven months since Russia began the large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Some cities, such as Mariupol, and most recently Bachmut, are almost completely destroyed.

But also in other parts of the country there are people who are homeless after their houses or apartments have been destroyed – by artillery, fires or in explosions.

Lilia is one of all affected. One day, four Russian combat vehicles suddenly stood in the garden of the small village of Krupychpole.

– They came and then they turned around and pointed their weapons at us. They didn’t stop, they shot from all sides and they killed an old lady who tried to run across the garden. But they just shot and shot, she says.

Lilia threw the children out of the house and ran as far as she could while the Russian troops fired into the house which was completely destroyed.

Got a new house from a charity

But now Lilia, her husband and their eight children have received a new home from the Ukrainian aid organization Terra Monada, which last year built 40 modular houses for people made homeless during the war.

This year, they hope to be able to build over 900 houses.

– We understood that if these people were not given a place to live, they would leave the country. And we cannot let that happen because Ukraine must be rebuilt by people who love this country and want to live here, says Maria Shiyan from the aid organization Tera Monada.

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