Russia took action! Zelensky announced with the words ‘The great revenge has begun’

Russia will receive 350 thousand new soldiers Putin preparing for

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which started on February 24, continues. While the developments in the region are being followed closely, almost a year of war is about to expire. Russia launched an all-out attack against Ukraine, which strengthened its hand with tanks with the support of the West. Announcing the Russian attack to the world by saying, “The great revenge has begun,” Zelenskiy said, “We will make a great counterattack.”


Russia made the move that had been expected for months in the war. The Russian army began an all-out offensive against Ukraine. Zelensky announced the attack with the words “The great revenge has begun”. As Ukraine strengthened its hand with Western tank aid, Russia responded by increasing attacks along the front line. While Zelenskiy stated that they expect the attacks to continue increasingly, the region where clashes are most intense is the Donbass region. “I trust our army. We will gradually stop and defeat the Russian attacks. We will make a big counterattack,” said Zelensky.


Regarding the latest situation on the front, the Russian General Staff announced that the Russian army has captured new places in Vuhledar. It was stated that the 1st Tank Corps of Ukraine also suffered heavy losses in the clashes.