Russia: Several drone attacks averted

Russia Several drone attacks averted
full screen Satellite images analyzed by AP show damage to at least two military transport planes in the city of Pskov in Russia. Photo: Planet Labs Pbc

Russian air defenses have repelled several Ukrainian drone attacks, according to Russian authorities.

A drone attack on an airbase in the Russian city of Pskov on Tuesday was carried out from Russian territory, Ukrainian intelligence said.

The drone attacks were aimed at the Kursk, Belgorod and Moscow regions in western Russia, according to the Russian authorities.

According to Kursk Governor Roman Starovoit, a residential building and an administrative building in the town of Kurtjakov have been damaged.

In Kurtjakov there is also a nuclear power plant.

In Moscow, planes were temporarily stopped from taking off from several airports, but no injuries were reported, according to Russian authorities.

At the same time, satellite images show how an extensive drone strike earlier this week destroyed at least two Il-76 military transport aircraft at a Russian airbase in the city of Pskov in western Russia.

The satellite images have been analyzed by the AP news agency.

According to Ukraine’s military intelligence chief Kyrolo Budanov, the drone attack was carried out from Russian territory. He claims four military transport planes were damaged.

Reports of drones targeting targets on Russian soil have come in almost daily in recent weeks.

Russia blames the drone attacks on Ukraine – which usually neither denies nor confirms the information.