Russia, prolonged ban on banks from disclosing certain information

Russia central bank conditions changed dramatically liquidity in banks

(Finance) – The Russian central bank has extended the ban on banks from disclosing certain information on publicly accessible resources for another quarter, according to reports from the Interfax agency. In particular, no information will be disclosed on the risks assumed, the procedures for assessing them and the risk and capital management for the fourth quarter and the second half of 2022 before January 1, 2023, as well as information on the financial instruments included in the capital calculation. , including all the conditions and duration of their issue, redemption, conversion and other transactions with them and material changes to these instruments.

The restriction on disclosure of banks’ balance sheets also remains in force. “The restrictions are being extended in order to minimize the consequences of current and potential sanctions for the banks themselvestheir clients and counterparties, “explained the Bank of Russia.