Russia is changing its border crossing rules and now trucks have to make an appointment in advance to cross the border

Russia is changing its border crossing rules and now trucks

Originally, the new rules were supposed to apply to all motorists.

Russia plans to introduce new rules for crossing the border. In the future, you should book a time in advance to cross the border. The new rules come into effect at the beginning of March and are valid for one year.

The Russian was the first to tell about it news agency TASS (you will switch to another service).

According to Tassi, the bill says that the new rules apply to all car tourists.

– For Russian and foreign truck traffic, Russian citizens, foreigners, persons without citizenship – – travel on highway sections to cross the border of the Russian Federation is possible on a reserved day, the bill says.

The bill has been prepared by the head of the transport and infrastructure development committee of the Russian Duma Yevgeny Moskvichev.

TV channel RBK’s (you switch to another service) in the interview, however, Moskvičev stated that the reform only applies to truck traffic. The bill has not yet been published on the Duma’s official website.

– This only applies to commercial truck traffic. The goal is to eliminate 10–15 km long truck queues, Moskvichev told RBK.

The Russian authorities still have to approve the documents related to the law. Border crossers could reserve time to cross for free through the information system of the Russian Ministry of Transport.