Russia closes the Swedish consulate in St. Petersburg, expels Swedish diplomats and closes its own consulate in Sweden

Russia closes the Swedish consulate in St Petersburg expels Swedish

Russia’s actions are a response to Sweden’s decision in April to expel Russian diplomats suspected of espionage.

Russia has announced its decision to close the Swedish consulate in St. Petersburg and expel five Swedish diplomats from the country.

According to Russia, the decision is a response to Sweden’s previous decision to expel Russian diplomats.

Russia also says it will close its own consulate in Gothenburg.

In April, Sweden said it would expel five Russian diplomats. According to Sweden, the expelled Russian diplomats were guilty of espionage.

Swedish public broadcaster SVT’s security policy expert by John Granlund according to which the decision was expected.

– I believe that the (Swedish) Ministry of Foreign Affairs included this option in their invoices and was ready for this, he says.

The consulate in St. Petersburg will be closed on September 1.