Rumors rise for MGS3 Remake announcement

Rumors rise for MGS3 Remake announcement

New rumors continue to come for the MGS3 Remake announcement, which we have heard for a long time. The game could be announced next month.

We can say that the Metal Gear Solid series, signed by Hideo Kojima, is one of the series that left its mark on the game world. The series, identified with Hideo Kojima, was orphaned after the famous producer left Konami, and the company messed up with the Metal Gear Survive game. spoken for a long time MGS3 Remake Rumors for its announcement have surfaced.

MGS3 Remake announcement may come in June

In fact, we have been hearing some rumors for a long time about the Remake version of MGS3, one of the most touching and action-packed games Kojima has told in the MGS universe. These days, these rumors have come to light.

Many names from the industry state that the MGS 3: Remake project will be announced at the Playstation presentation to be held in June and the game will be exclusive to PS5. Although there is no official statement from Konami on this subject, according to some sources, the announcement is almost certain.

It is also among the news that Sony has prepared very seriously for this presentation and that many Playstation console-specific game announcements will be signed. Especially after the release of special games such as God of War Ragnarok, Horizon: Forbidden West, we can say that such big moves were already expected from Sony. All eyes are on Sony for announcements.