Rumor: iPhone 15 Ultra will come with 8K video and better battery life

iPhone 14 series just came out last week (which will be released next month) 14 Plus excluded) – Is it too early to start iPhone 15 rumors? No, these have been going on for a while and LeaksApplePro just published a series of predictions.

All iPhone 15 of models lightningIt is expected that the ‘i did not turn in favor of USB-C. This is not surprising because USB-C will become mandatory in the EU just a few months after the 15 series goes on sale.

“Pro Max” of the model “Ultra” There may be some changes in the sequence with the renaming of . analysts Ming Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman They’ve already suggested it. Apple M1 and watch makes sense, as it will fit better with naming schemes. iPhone 15 Ultra The interesting thing about it is that it has some special hardware.

8K video recording a possibility, but iPhone 15 ProIt is possible to support this. Kuo also suggests that the Ultra will only have a periscope lens (6x or 5x). Also, the Ultra will have better battery life lasting 3-4 hours longer.

With all these special upgrades, the iPhone 15 Ultra’s price 14 Pro Maxprobably compared to from $1,200 It is expected to go on sale at starting prices.

As for the rest of the range, there will be some unification – all four models Dynamic Island expected to adopt the design. However, the Pro and Ultra models have a new Apple A17When switching to , the two pairs will still use different chipsets, normal iPhone 15 and 15 Plus most likely present A16 Bionic It will come with chipset.

FaceID There is some speculation that its hardware could go under the screen and leave only the camera hole, but it will be months of development before it becomes clear whether this technology is viable or will have to wait another year.

High refresh rate displays (Pro Motion) of Normal and Plus models and Always open It’s too early to tell if it will have mods (but still, it’s a year away from release).