Royal family: who is who? Family tree and order of succession

Royal family who is who Family tree and order of

ROYAL FAMILY. Present in full at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family of the United Kingdom is made up, in its smallest sphere, of 23 people. But who is who in relation to whom? And which member can legitimately claim the throne? Explanations.

They are in the spotlight this Monday. All members of the royal family attend, this Monday, September 19, 2022, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London, at Westminster Abbey. But who is who? How to know who are the children of the queen and all the descendants? And who are the spouses of all these members? In this royal galaxy, a symbol of the modern era: Queen Elizabeth II. Coming from the Windsor line, she maintained the family dynasty alongside Prince Philip, her husband who died in 2021. The couple had four children, who gave birth to eight grandchildren, resulting in the arrival of twelve great-grandchildren. children. No risk of no descendants for Elizabeth II. And everyone can claim the throne. But for the vast majority of them, settling down one day in the costume of a monarch is an improbable combination of circumstances. To see more clearly, Linternaute offers you a genealogical tree of the royal family, starting from the late queen.

Who’s Who in the Royal Family? Family tree

The 21st century version of the royal family of the United Kingdom therefore finds its origin with Elizabeth II, who reigned from 1952 to 2022 over the monarchy, the second longest longevity in history after Louis XIV (72 years). During these seven decades, an important family has developed. First with the successive births of her four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. These four children all gave birth to two offspring: William and Harry for Charles, To fart and Zara for Anne, Beatrice and Eugenie for Andrew, Louisa and james for Edward. Of these descendants, twelve other cubs were born. Only Louise and James have, for the time being, no children, being still teenagers.

What is the order of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom:

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession to the throne of Charles III, all of her heirs moved up one rank in the order of succession. An order that is subject to a few rules, modified in recent years. The main rule says that the first child of the current monarch is the direct heir, then the first child of the latter, then the first child of this one etc… Thus, today, William, first son of Charles, should be the next king, followed by his son, Georges, who will be followed himself by his first child. If he has no children or if he refuses the throne, it is his sister Charlotte who will be the heiress, then his first child etc…

In the order of succession below, two particularities should be noted: Anne, second child of Queen Elizabeth II, only comes in 16th position, after her brothers Andrew and Edward and their descendants. However, the two brothers were born after her. Indeed, until 2013, the order was established by the order of birth, with priority for men. Thus, Anne was doubled by Andrew and Edward and their children and grandchildren. It is also for this reason that James, Edward’s second child, is ahead of his sister Louise in the order of succession, despite being younger. The rule was however abolished in 2013, with an order of succession fixed by strict primogeniture, but still in line with the first heir.

The current order of succession of the royal family:

  1. William, 1st child of Charles
  2. George, 1st child of William
  3. Charlotte, 2nd child of William
  4. Louis, 3rd child of William
  5. Harry, 2nd child of Charles
  6. Archie, Harry’s 1st child
  7. Lilibet, Harry’s 2nd child
  8. Andrew, 3rd child of Elizabeth II
  9. Beatrice, Andrew’s 1st child
  10. Sienna, 1st child of Beatrice
  11. Eugenie, 2nd child of Andrew
  12. August, 1st child of Eugenie
  13. Edward, 4th child of Elizabeth II
  14. James, 2nd child of Edward
  15. Louise, 1st child of Edward
  16. Anne, 2nd child of Elizabeth II
  17. Peter, 1st child of Anne
  18. Savannah, 1st child of Peter
  19. Isla, 2nd child of Peter
  20. Zara, 2nd child of Anne
  21. Mia, 1st child of Zara
  22. Lena, Zara’s second child
  23. Lucas, 3rd child of Zara

While the Queen of England has died, will we ever be able to see a woman on the throne of the United Kingdom again? Since the rule change in the order of succession, this is not impossible. But it won’t be right away. Indeed, after Charles, two men will succeed: his son William, then his grandson George. The first possibility of seeing a queen at Buckingham is an abdication of George, thus allowing his sister Charlotte to take her place. The other possibility is that George, when he grows up, has a girl as his first child. She would then become his direct heiress.