Route du Rhum 2022: the start postponed! The expected new date

Route du Rhum 2022 the start postponed The expected new

ROUTE DU RHUM 2022. The start of the Route du Rhum 2022, which was to take place this Sunday, November 6, has been postponed to next week due to the weather. The skippers will leave Saint Malo for Guadeloupe on Tuesday or Wednesday…

The skippers were ready, but the weather and the organizers decided otherwise. The Route du Rhum, which was to start from Saint-Malo this Sunday, November 6, will finally start on Tuesday 8 or Wednesday November 9, as the race organization announced this Saturday morning during a weather briefing. The wind and the conditions at sea would not allow a serene start. “I decided to move the start to Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. A decision that allows everyone to start a big fight. When the weather is bad, we stay on the ground. That’s also what all the people of sea”, explained Francis Le Goff, race director.

It was the worsening of the situation in the evening on Sunday that worried the most, in a context of “cross seas” with a “big swell coming from the west (6-7 meters)”. Conditions which left “no possible escape for the fleet”, indicated Cyrille Duchesne of Météo Consult.

The Route du Rhum will therefore leave from Saint Malo, from the ferry “Le Pont Aven” off the tip of Grouin in Cancale very preciselynext week, to arrive in Guadeloupe about a week later.

What is the start date of the Route du Rhum 2022?

The 12 edition of the Route du Rhum, a solo race that will cross the Atlantic, was initially scheduled to start on Sunday November 6, 2022 from Saint-Malo in Brittany. The departure has been postponed to Tuesday 8 or Wednesday 9 Novemberthe date still to be confirmed.

What is the arrival date of the Route du Rhum 2022?

Obviously, we do not know with certainty the arrival date of the Route du Rhum 2022. But the current record is held by Francis Joyon, last winner in 2018, after 7 days 14 hours 21 minutes and 47 seconds at sea. arrival around November 15 or 16 is therefore possible after the postponement.

The Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe

The skippers who will leave from Saint-Malo in Brittany will arrive in Guadeloupe a few days later. Three villages will be set up between November 9 and December 4, 2022. Following the postponement of the start of the race, these dates may change.

  • Village of Basse Terre: from November 10 to 13, 2022
  • Bas-du-Fort marina village in Pointe à Pitre: from November 12 to 27, 2022
  • ACTe Memorial Village in Pointe-à-Pitre: from November 11 to December 4, 2022

Village Route du Rhum 2022

In addition to the villages that open in Guadeloupe for the Route du Rhum 2022. The Village of the Route du Rhum opened on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 in Saint Malo. Several hundred exhibitors were present for 13 days. This large gathering, extended by one day compared to 2018, stretched from the Gare Maritime de la Bourse to the Quai Duguay-Trouin.

Which categories take part in the Route du Rhum?

In total, six categories of monohulls and multihulls will cross the Atlantic with:

  • ULTIM 32/23: the premier category of maxi-multihulls over 100 feet (32 meters long) with no size limit – 8 entered
  • OCEAN FIFTY: 50-foot multihulls (15 meters long) which all belong to the same class – 8 engaged
  • IMOCA: the 60-foot Vendée Globe monohulls (18.28 meters long), some of which, the most efficient, are equipped with foils – 37 entered
  • CLASS40: 12.18 meter long monohulls which all belong to the same class – 55 entered
  • RUM MULTI: multihulls ≤ 64 feet (19.50 meters) that cannot fit into a class defined above – 16 entered
  • MONO RUM: monohulls ≥ 39 feet (11.88 meters) overall and not eligible for a class defined above – 14 entered

Who are the participants in the Route du Rhum 2022?

There will be 138 solo sailors setting off for this legendary race, divided into six categories:


  • Yves le Blévec (Actual)
  • Armel le Cléac’h (People’s Bank)
  • Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild)
  • Francis Joyon (Idec sport)
  • Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim 3)
  • Francois Gabart (SVR Lazartigue)
  • Arthur Le Vaillant (Ultim Sailing)
  • Romain Pilliard (Use it Again)

Ocean Fifty:

  • Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema)
  • Gilles Lamiré (GCA Group)
  • Erwan Leroux (Koesio)
  • Eric Peron (Komilfo)
  • Armel Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous)
  • Sam Goodchild (Leyton)
  • Sebastien Rogues (Primonial)
  • Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Soldiers In Platoon)


  • Charlin Dalin (Apivia)
  • Benjamin Ferré (Benjamin sends a glitch)
  • Skipper Not disclosed (BeYou Racing)
  • Paul Meilhat (Biotherm)
  • Louis Burton (Valley Office)
  • Sébastien Marsset (Cap Act together)
  • Jeremy Beyou (Charal)
  • Xu Jingkun (China Dream)
  • Conrad Colman (Conrad Colman racing)
  • Nicolas Rouger (Tomorrow is far away)
  • Nicolas Troussel (Corum L’Epargne)
  • Kojiro Shiraishi (DMG Mori)
  • Antoine Cornic (Ebac Literie)
  • Romain Attanasio (Fortinet Best Western)
  • Guirec Soudee (
  • James Harayda (Gentoo)
  • Oliver Heer (Gitana 80)
  • Damien Seguin (Apicil Group)
  • Manuel Cousin (Setin Group)
  • Benjamin Dutreux (Guyot Environment)
  • Eric Bellion (Hubert)
  • Alan Roura (Hublot)
  • Louis Duke (Imoca 172)
  • Samantha Davies (Heart Initiatives)
  • Pierre Lacaze (Kattan)
  • Arnaud Boissières (La Mie Câline)
  • Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut)
  • Isabelle Joschke (MACSF)
  • Yannick Bestaven (Master Coq)
  • Boris Hermann (Malizia Sea Explorer)
  • Pip Hare (Medallia)
  • Tanguy Le Turquais as Lazarus
  • Fabrice Amédéo (Nexans Art and Windows)
  • Kevin Escoffier (PRB)
  • Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian group)
  • Rodolphe Sepho (Rêve de large. Guadeloupe region)
  • Maxime Sorel (V and B – Monbana – Mayenne)

Class 40:

  • Maxime Cauwe (OnEstLarge)
  • Didier Le Vourch (Vicitan)
  • Ivica Kostelic (ACI)
  • Francois Jambou (Bougie Down)
  • Keni Piperol (Capt’ain Alternation)
  • Mikael Mergui (Centrakor)
  • Jean-Baptiste Daramy (Chocolate Paris)
  • Ian Lipinski (Credit Mutuel)
  • Aurelien Ducroz (Crosscall)
  • Antoine Magre (E. Leclerc Ville La Grand)
  • Emmanuel Le Roch (Edenred)
  • Yves Courbon (Edigo – Univerre)
  • Henry Rupert (Eora)
  • Florian Gueguen (Parkinson Sailing Team)
  • Stan Thuret (Everial)
  • Martin Le Pape (Stargardt Foundation)
  • Geoffrey Matacsynski (Fortissimo)
  • Xavier Macaire (Snef Group)
  • Nicolas D’estais (Happyvore)
  • Kito de Pavant (HBF Reforest Action)
  • Alberto Bona (Ibsa Group)
  • Andrea Fornaro (Influencing)
  • Matthieu Perraut (Inter Invest)
  • Laurent CamprubiJeanne
  • Hiroshi Kitada (Kiho)
  • Greg Leonard (Kite)
  • Amélie Grassi (The Organic Baker)
  • Victor Jost (Reunion Island)
  • Luke Berry (Lamotte creation module)
  • Pierre Casenave – Péré (Legallais)
  • William Mathelin Moreaux (Napadelis)
  • Ambrogio Beccaria (Alla Grande)
  • Jules Bonnier (Nestenn Entrepreneurs for the Planet).
  • Simon Koster (Bank of Leman)
  • Herve Thomas (Odegam)
  • Yoann Richomme (Arkea Paprec)
  • Alex Mehran (Polka dot)
  • Romain Rossi (Prism)
  • Axel Trehin (Project Rescue)
  • Corentin Douguet (Queguiner Innoveo)
  • Martin Louchart (Randstadt Ausy)
  • Kieran Le Borgne (Breton Recyclers)
  • Antoine Carpentier (Redman)
  • Clément Commagnac or Baptiste Hulin (Mer Entreprendre)
  • Marc Lepsqueux (Sansation Class 40)
  • Jean Galfione (Serenis)
  • Cedric Château (Sogestran Seafrigo)
  • Alexander Donald (Conscious Planet)
  • Morgane Ursault-Poupon (Up Sailing United for the planet)
  • Sacha Daunar (Vikings For Ever)
  • Emmanuel Hammez (Virunga)
  • Pierre Louis Attwell (Vogue with a Crohn’s)
  • Jonas Gerkens (Volvo)
  • Franz Bouvet (Yoda)

Mono Rum:

  • Fabio GennariBella Donna
  • Wilfrid Clerton (Cap to cap location)
  • Olivier Nemsguern (Elora)
  • Remy Gerin (Faiaoahé)
  • Catherine Chabaud (Formatives network)
  • Jean-Sébastien Biard (JSB removals)
  • Gilles Colubi (Kornog 2)
  • Andre Laumet (Lea)
  • Arnaud Pennarun (Pen Duick III)
  • Daniel Ecalard (SOS Windshield)
  • Guy Pronier (Terranimo)
  • Jean Pierre Dick (The Kid for City of Nice)
  • Willy Bissainte (Tradysion Gwadloup)
  • Julien Reemers (TBC)

Rum Multi:

  • Charlie Capelle (Acapella Chain of Hope)
  • Christophe Bogrand (Castle of Launay)
  • Philippe Poupon (Flo)
  • Erwan Thiboumery (
  • Jean Paul Froc (Friends and lovers)
  • Gwen Chapalain (Guyader Savéol)
  • Gilles BuekenhoutJess
  • Havard Mabire (Mora)
  • Loic Escoffier (Lodigroup)
  • Marc Guillemot (MG5)
  • Etienne Hochede (piR2)
  • Oren Nataf (Green Ray)
  • Fabrice Payen (Team Standing Wind)
  • David Ducosson (Trilogic)
  • Brieuc Maisonneuve (60,000 rebounds)
  • Roland Jourdain (We explore)